9 Doors with Personality and Bonus Door Montage

Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, doors are the type of mundane fixture that you don’t really pay attention to because they can all look the same. That said, we’ve decided to celebrate some doors with personality – a few choice doors that your Home Owners Association would probably frown upon.


The rebellious twin

One of these doors is not like the other one, one of these doors is different! Yes, much like an identical twin trying to create their own style to achieve individuality, one of these doors is clearly crying out for attention and working very hard to define its own personality.

Pretty in pink

Of all the unique doors featured on this list, we’re guessing that Tim the Tool Man Taylor didn’t dream this one up. More reminiscent of an entrance to an ultra-modern Barbie dollhouse than anything, this door is likely too contemporary for some and, well, too pink for others.

Country charm

You don’t have to see a wide-angle shot of this home to figure out that it’s placed in the middle of the country. What gives this door so much personality, is that when compared to the others in this gallery, it has a rustic charm like no other and takes you back to a simpler time of porch swings and lemonade.

Fun with stencils

Even amongst this gallery of eclectic doors, it’s still pretty rare to see a multi-color door; let alone one with a stenciled pattern. Well, looking more like wallpaper than a door, this unique take on an otherwise standard entry way has a personality all its own.

Technicolor dream

Speaking of vibrant colors, straight out of a dream sequence within a movie or a psychedelic haze, this boldly-colored entrance has a luminescent glow all its own. While it’s a bit run down and far from your quintessential doorway, it still has a uniquely inviting quality that makes it an original.


While the other doors within this gallery rely heavily on bright colors and other painted designs to give them some character, this hand-carved wood door takes an entirely new approach to achieve its personality.

Foreign flair

Boasting a bit of a foreign flair, our guess is that this bright blue door can’t be found on American soil. Be it Spanish, Italian or some other far-off land, this unique door uses tasteful geometric shapes to create a multi-colored mosaic that is strangely unique yet refreshingly personable.

Elegant double-wide

Again, another door that has gone away from bright colors yet still achieves a personality all its own, this double-wide fortress door uses some uniquely artistic window panes in becoming one of the more elegant fixtures on this list.

With the bottom quarter gone missing, this may not be the prettiest door on the block but one thing is for sure, it has no lack of personality. Between the bright colors and its missing pieces, it seems to have a rich history that could tell a story far greater than any pristine door on this list.

Montage of Personalities

Of course, the best way to end this gallery of “doors with personality” is by way of a proper montage. Yes, because there are so many unique doors to choose from, and no real way to say which one is better than the next, we hope you enjoy this compilation of door inspired eye candy!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of doors with personality – may it inspire you to look at your front door in a different light and try something unique.

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