9 Unique Housewarming Gifts Everyone Wants To Receive

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Have you been invited to a housewarming party and have NO idea what to bring as a gift? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas!


You know how summer is typically filled with wedding invitations? This summer I had zero weddings to attend – most of my friends decided that moving was the life change they were going to make instead! Except for carting a cat from one location to another I was spared the trouble of actually doing the dirty work of helping anyone move. But when your friends move – housewarming parties follow!

When you show up at someone’s house for the first time after they’ve settled in it’s customary to bring a small token to ‘warm’ their new home. Some people register for gifts at local stores so that makes the gift selection process easier, but most people don’t bother. After stressing about what to gift a few times this year I came across a few ideas that most people truly appreciate, so I’ve compiled a handy list:

1. Plants

This is a standard housewarming gift and a great fallback if you really can’t decide, or don’t know the person – or their décor – all that well.

Keep in mind that if they have children or animals to stay away from anything poisonous, and don’t buy anything too large as they may not have any extra space to put it. Buy a plant you know will last a while but won’t require them to put in too much work – that’s just mean!

2. Wine

Another hostess gift that everyone typically thinks of is a bottle of wine. This is a nice gift – but make sure your friends will appreciate it! I have been gifted a bottle of red wine in the past by people who obviously didn’t know drinking it gives me migraines (the people I re-gifted it to really appreciated it though!)

If you are going to go ahead and give wine, it’s worth it to spend a bit more money to get something especially unique so the gift stands out and shows you put some thought into it.

3. Something personalized

You can get just about anything personalized these days so chose something you know they will appreciate and use. If you know their décor style you could get pillows or towels done, but a safer idea would be to give personalized mugs or glasses – most people do appreciate their coffee and wine!

4. Food

If your friends are foodies your gift options just skyrocketed – but even if they’re not, food gifts will still be appreciated! Fancy bottles of olive oil or other dressings that will look pretty sitting on their counter – and will get used, a gift basket filled with gourmet crackers, cheeses and other special condiments they likely wouldn’t buy themselves, or even a box of imported chocolates. Who wouldn’t want to receive these awesome gifts?!

5. Gardening tools

For a home that comes with a yard or large deck, especially if this is the first time they have had a home with one, gardening tools make a fantastic gift! Even if they are not gardeners a small planter packaged up with a few small tools and a couple of packages of starter seeds would be much appreciated to start their new garden.

6. A book

As a book lover I always appreciate receiving a nice book. Pick a book on a subject they like, a funny coffee table book, or a fascinating history of their town or neighborhood – extra points if it’s autographed!

7. Art

This one is tricky as art is so subjective to taste, but if you know they have had their eye on a particular piece you may wish to go ahead and get it for them. As with plants, keep any art small and simple so they don’t have to rearrange their home décor to accommodate it.

8. Something homemade

Homemade gifts are always nice to receive – and it shows you put some thought into your gift. A pillow that you embroidered, a piece of pottery, a small stained or painted mirror – put your talent to use making something you know they will love to display in their home.

9. Candles

There is an old saying that states if you give a candle as a gift you are giving the gift of light and happiness – and who wouldn’t want to gift someone light and happiness?! Unless you know they have a preference for a particular scent, choose a very light scent, or better yet – a non-scented candle.

What’s your favorite gift to give/receive?

Do you have a go-to gift for housewarming parties? What was your favorite gift you received as a housewarming present? Share with us in the comments!

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