9 Wall Covering Ideas To Transform Your Space

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Wall decor can go beyond paint and wallpaper. Here are 9 wall coverings ideas to inspire to you to decorate your interior walls.


Does the thought of a painted or wall papered accent wall make you yawn? Fear not, because you’ve got so many more options to make your walls stand out. Check out these eight wall covering ideas for those who dare to get truly creative with interior design.

stacked stone veneer on interior walls

Wall Covering Materials

1. Stone Cladding or Panelling

Natural textures don’t have to belong outside only, and you’ve got several options for bringing a stone texture into the home. You can buy wallpaper that looks like your favorite stone texture but keeps the surface flat, or you can get actual stone tiles, or stone wall cladding. Another option is melamine wall paneling for a lightweight installation that still renders a detailed pattern.

2. Rustic Wood-Look

Get a rustic, artistic texture on your accent wall with wood-look vinyl on the wall. It takes a little effort, but the end result is perfect if you want to bring a little of the outdoors inside in a unique way. If you choose to afix heavier materials like hardwood to the wall, use studs to avoid damaging the drywall.

3. Ceiling Medallions

Eclectic Living Room

Re-purpose ceiling medallions by gluing them onto your wall instead. Then paint over everything the same color. Use light colors when you paint over them so the texture is obvious, and watch how the shadows at different times of day change the look of your new wall!

4. Book Pages

This is a variation on wallpapering with a decidedly literary bent. Buy an extra couple of copies of your favorite book from the used bookstore and use the pages to paper your walls. (If you want all pages represented, two copies is necessary so you can use both sides of the page!) All you need is glue, a bucket, water, and gloves to turn a blank, boring wall into an enchanting literary accent.

5. Stencils

Stenciled shapes and motifs can add all kinds of visual interest to a blank wall. For this, you can make your own or seek them out at your local craft retailer.  Choose your theme, pick some shapes, and decide on colors. Then, let your imagination and sense of spontaneity be your guide.

6. Chalkboard Paint

Eclectic Kitchen by Philadelphia Interior Designers & Decorators Caitlin Wilson

If you find yourself getting tired of your interior design schemes too often to commit to an accent wall, put up a wall you can change whenever you want. Paint your walls with chalkboard paint, then redesign them whenever you want with traditional chalk and chalk markers. This one is especially fun if you love to decorate for the holidays.

7. Fabric Paneling

You could cover an entire wall with fabric, or buy squares of fabric paneling and hang them in a cool pattern. Alternate for a checkerboard effect, go vertically by color for stripes, or be random with the design. Fabric is an unusual choice for a wall, but that’s why you should try it.

8. Enlarged Photos

Contemporary Bedroom by Toronto Photographers Lisa Petrole Photography

Large photos of landscapes or photos of family can be a striking way to decorate a single accent wall.  Make sure to get a high-quality image with a high resolution that will support the enlargement. Or, you could create a collage of photos that pull together some of your interests. Not only is this a striking way to create an accent wall, but it’s a way to personalize a space and to establish a theme, too.

9. Wall Tile

Create the coolest backsplash ever with metal or colored glass wall tile, or get even more daring and let it take up an entire kitchen wall. Waterproof tile that is also reflective adds visual variance, but also textural variance. It’s also a great way to suffuse natural light in a space too, whether a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or living area.

Home Projects for the Weekend

Most of these ideas make fun weekend DIY projects, so you don’t have to commit much time or mess to livening up your rooms. The transformation of your space may include some of these wall covering options. If you’re looking for a total transformation, consider matching or constrasting flooring to match your new wall coverings. Bamboo wood flooring and rated hardwood looks excellent with all of the above suggestions.

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