9 Wall Covering & Treatment Ideas: An Infographic

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Wall treatments and wall coverings add dimension and visual dynamism to spaces. Here are 9 examples that you can create for yourself.


Four walls, or even one wall, can feel confining and even limiting. But, there is plenty of potential in a wall. You don’t have to think of it as a barrier. You can think of it as a canvas instead!

But, now that you’ve done that, how do you apply the art? Well, here are a few ways listed below in infographic form based on a piece we published earlier that will help you do just that. Take a look and see how you can transform your walls with treatments and coverings that may help you to open up the possibilities beyond it, too.

BuildDirect_wallCovering_v1 copy

Walls represent potential

Walls have structural value, of course. But, their role extends beyond that, too. Walls stand for extra space you didn’t think you had. They stand for definition of a whole space, and re-imagining them can enhance that definition, opening up all kinds of possibilities.

Sometimes, it’s just an additional texture. It can be a color, or specialized pattern. Sometimes, it’s just an image. Whatever element or combination of elements you go with, know that there is a world of potential that can be unlocked.

Your walls, your stories

What strategies have you employed to spruce up your wall surfaces?

What makes for a better treatment? An element that matches your decor, or one that challenges it?

What have you always wanted to try out on that big blank wall you’re tired of looking at?

What are some of your favorite textures, images, colors that you think could work on your walls?

Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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