A Climate Friendly Built Environment

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In my previous post I referred to the PEW Centre on Global Climate Change.

In 2005 – shortly before the new world economic order began – the PEW Center published a most insightful, almost prophetic study entitled “Towards a Climate Friendly Built Environment.”

Built Environment and GHG emissions

Here’s an excerpt from the Report’s introduction.

Buildings in the United States—homes, offices, and industrial facilities—account for over 40 percent of our nation’s carbon dioxide emissions.

In this report, authors Marilyn Brown, Frank Southworth, and Theresa Stovall identify numerous opportunities available now, and in the future, to reduce the building sector’s overall impact on climate.

This Pew Center report is part of our effort to examine key sectors, technologies, and policy options to construct the “10-50 Solution” to climate change. The idea is that we need to tackle climate change over the next fifty years, one decade at a time.

Looking at options for the near (10 years) and long (50 years) term, this report yields several insights for reducing GHG emissions from the largest portion of our nation’s physical wealth—our built environment.

I’ll discuss these in my next post.

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Colin Laughlan