A Guide To Fans: An Infographic

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As spring leads into summer, cooling your home becomes a priority. Here’s a comparative infographic for using fans to cool down, and for better air quality.


Even though it’s technically still spring, as soon as June comes we all start thinking about summer. With the coming of the warmest season of the year, we also begin to think about what it will take to keep cool without breaking the bank.

A solid go-to strategy around this is to keep the air moving in our homes by way of the use of fans. So, what kind of fans are we talking about here? Do some fans have an advantage over others? Well, take a look at this infographic based on a piece published a while back by our own Erika Palmer to find out.

BuildDirect_GuideToFans_v1 copy

Are you a fan of fans?

What kind of fans have you got in your space?

What are some of the problem areas in your home when it comes to stale air and lack of air movement?

How do you feel the use of fans helps you to reduce the need for air conditioning, and therefore larger electricity bills?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!



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