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A Tribute To the Toilet

The humble toilet is the unsung hero of the house. It’s taken for granted now, but it was once a game-changing addition to the modern home, and to the modern bathroom specifically.

But, the toilet, the throne, commode, thundermug, porcelain bus driver’s seat, etc, didn’t come to the civilized world fully formed. It has changed along with the rest of what we’ve come to view as the modern home. As such, we thought it was a good idea to review some of the popular models down through the centuries, and ones that you can expect to see in other parts of the world even today.

So, American Standard look out! Here’s Bob the Toilet Salesman to review the pantheon of porcelain gods that have graced households for centuries.

Rob Jones

Rob served as Editor-In-Chief of BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home from 2007-2016. He is a writer, Dad, content strategist, and music fan.


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