About Bamboo Laminate Flooring, and the Choices in Between

There’s nothing quite like bamboo. Laminate flooring is also a hugely popular choice in flooring material, and for an easily installed surface in a residence or light commercial space.  So, in putting it and laminate flooring together, the best of both worlds is gained; the unique knuckle patterns, along with the ease of installation and highly practical nature of laminate flooring.

In terms of laminate vs. bamboo, there may be a number of reasons to compare them.  Perhaps you’re looking for a surface that requires a more basic DIY option, or maybe a floating floor option not available to you in your choice of bamboo. Laminate flooring comes to your rescue in these regards, and provides a surface that is easy to install, but is also transformative of any space you install it in.

Of course, there are advantages to real bamboo floors too as opposed to laminate. Bamboo flooring is, for instance, looked upon as being one of the most durable floors around, in terms of tensile strength.  This is a significant thing to consider when weighing the laminate vs bamboo flooring question.  Also, it’s seen as a great reselling point, and something of a modern addition to a property that communicates a certain eco-friendly value system for prospective buyers.

There are distinct advantages to investing in a laminate. Bamboo flooring is also a world of advantages represented in a unique surface derived from a truly marvelous, and versatile, plant.  The great thing of course is that, once again, you can mix the advantage of both in bamboo laminate flooring, which is a choice in a sturdy DIY floor you can float nearly anywhere indoors, that shows off some unique and admirable aesthetics.

Hooray for modern flooring!  And whichever floor type you go with, enjoy the transformation of your space!

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