Accent Wall Ideas For Fall

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home office accent wall earthy color scheme

When I remodeled, I ended up repainting the living/kitchen/dining area. I had sacrificed part of a small bedroom to enlarge the living area, and I used another small bedroom to create a closet for the mechanics of the solar hot water. There was a lot of bare sheetrock after that, and it was the perfect opportunity to upgrade the paint job from ten years before.

I chose pale yellow for the walls and deep mustard yellow for the trim. I got daring and chose a medium tone turquoise for an accent wall in the living room behind the bookshelves and tv. My house is bright and sunny, and the deep turquoise helped bring down the lightness of the room.

I am thinking about doing something on the far wall of my bedroom that you see as you walk in. It’s a large space and could be very dramatic – a true focal point. It could go well beyond paint! Here are some ideas I’ve come across in my daydreaming/web surfing.

Accent wall options

I love barn wood. Well, any kind of wood! In this room, it takes the edge off the sharp corners and creates a soft contrast. The wall color lets the wood stand out for a rustic feel in a modern home.

Pink goes well with neutral colors. I’m not crazy about it, but I love the painted flower heads on this pink wall! My wall has windows with mountain views outside, and flowers could effectively and beautifully frame them.

Here is another pink wall (what is it with pink!?) with a nature motif painted or stenciled on it.

Shape and stencils

This design grabbed my eye as looking like a quilt I made many years ago! These are tiles in a visually interesting pattern across the upper portion of the wall. The wooden bunkbed frame complements the earth-toned tiles and contrasts with the gray, metallic background tiles. Cozy and stunning.

Wallpaper is labor intensive (and expensive!) to put up and take down. Instead of wallpaper, stencil a design onto a painted wall for the same effect.

Line and form accent walls

I love this dramatic, large-scale caning pattern in yellow on the kitchen wall! The pale yellow design takes the brightness off the solid colored wall, which also allows the bright furniture and accessories to work. This design is versatile – it can be made smaller and in contrasting colors to suit any room.

Horizontal stripes can give a small room breadth, especially if the stripes are wide and dramatic. I like the variation of the stripe sizes, but I also find uniform stripes pleasing, too. Put a little wave in your stripes for some exciting visual interest!

Focal points and anchors

Accent walls serve as focal points, anchors, and backgrounds for art or architecture. They need to stand out with bold colors and designs. Leave the pastel and muted colors for the main walls. The eye will be drawn directly to an accent wall, so it will define a room.

It’s also a place where you can experiment with color and feel – get bold and make it dramatic. If you don’t like it, paint over it with something subtler. With tile or wood, you’ll have to be sure it’s what you want! That’s a more expensive project to get wrong!

Most of all, have fun! This is your home. Express yourself in it!

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