Accent Walls: Ways and Means

As it has been discovered again and again, the subtleties in a space are often the elements that make the most difference. One subset of that is the use of contrast, with a texture, color, design that is bold up against surrounding decor that’s neutral.  One of the most popular strategies around this approach is the accent wall. These stylistic additions come in many forms, depending on the kind of space you’re planning.

But, what kinds of ways can you create an accent wall? Well, below are some appropriately visual representations of some options  to consider. Some are bold and sweeping. Others are more about texture. But, what each example does is to create visual variety, and reveal something of the personalities of those who have conceived them.

Take a look!



Like most things that matter, there is no “one size fits all” solutions to creating an accent wall. An important guideline is that whatever you decide on should fit the space in some way, even if it is a bold project that you’ve got in mind. By extension, it should also fit your personality, and reflect what your feelings are about where you live.

Other aspects of things come down to what’s the most practical, particularly budgets. But, the good news is that even with a coat of paint, that all important sense of contrast is pretty easily achieved.

Your thoughts?

Have you got an accent wall in your home? How does it work with surrounding decor?

What were some of the challenges you had in creating it?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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