Accessory Decor Trend Alert: Faux Fur

The other day, I walked into a home decor and furniture store (which I do not as often as you think, surprisingly!) to check out what they had. I was looking for stuff to put on my office walls, maybe some inspirational or funny words, interesting art or some accessories.

I struck up a conversation with an employee about current trends, my blogging and what they liked this season. One thing he particularly noted was the amount of faux-fur accessories they had around the store: faux-fur cushions, throws and even faux-fur lampshades (yes, for real).

Far from kitsch, faux-fur can be used to add comfort, warmth and an organic element to your home decor. There are also some surprising things you can do with it–but hold on to the end of the post to find out!

Stay warm outdoors

For some of us, faux-fur can recall the old forest cabin where we spent cool summer nights with our family sleeping under, maybe, actual fur blankets. This makes faux-fur the perfect accessory for a cozy, warm outdoor space, especially as the days grow ever cooler.

Eclectic Exterior by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Donna DuFresne Interior Design

Simple wooden furniture is beautifully enhanced by the textures and patterns of oriental carpets and faux fur. I can definitely see myself snuggle up to the couch on a cool September night to read a good book or to chat with an old friend over glasses of red wine

Even in winter, a well-designed outdoor space can still be home for your best after-ski memories.

Rustic Porch by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers Locati Architects

This rustic alpine porch SCREAMS for faux-fur throws, big wood furniture and a big, crackling fire. The heat lamps protect against the encroaching cold as the sun sets–but you don’t need to wear your ski outfit to hang out there. A warm sweater and wool socks, along with some whisky, are all you need.

Accessorize rustic decor

If rustic is your style, then you probably already have enough faux-fur accessories to fill a room. Faux-fur gives the perfect luxurious touch to the welcoming but chaotic style of rustic decor.

Rustic Bedroom by Jackson Kitchen & Bath Designers Grace Home Design, Inc.

These rustic fur-and-wood footstools are unique and fun. They combine perfectly with the wood lamp in the corner, and a faux-fur throw or two on the bed wouldn’t hurt, either. I can almost imagine myself in an ancient steppe chasing game and resting in a warm tent at night, sitting on one of these stools.

If you have a bit more modern tastes, try something like this:

Contemporary Living Room

This living room seems more rustic than contemporary to me, with the piled wood (what a great idea!) and wicker lamps, but it does have an interestingly minimalist style. The softness of the faux-fur couches contrasts with the harshness of wood and the slickness of leather. This is one of the most original decors I’ve seen in a while!

Soften contemporary decor

Sometimes all you need is a touch of softness to turn a harsh modern or contemporary decor into a comfortable and luxurious space. Faux-fur is the perfect accessory for this purpose.

Transitional Living Room by Sausalito Architects & Building Designers Urrutia Design

For example, this living room filled with angles, metal and glass gets a soft touch through the velvet and faux-fur on the couch and the rounded side tables (I want those!). I love how the faux-fur pairs so well with the eclectic elements of this room. Interestingly, it seems to match the art on the mantle for some reason.

Contemporary Bedroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Kelly Hoppen London

This VERY contemporary bedroom is definitely softer and more welcoming, thanks to the faux-fur throw at the foot of the bed. All this metal and clinical white could easily be stark and sterile if it wasn’t for the subtle organic touches.

Surprising uses

And here’s what I promised at the beginning: one rather surprising use of faux-fur as an accessory. Behold, the faux-fur wall:

Modern Family Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Maven Interiors

No, it’s not water falling down an obsidian wall. It’s tufted faux-fur. I’m not quite sure why you would put faux-fur on a wall (must be challenging to clean), but the black next to the red wood and white couch will definitely turn some heads. It’s a show-stopper for sure!

Hunting for faux-fur?

If faux-fur is your thing, show us what you’ve done with it! Where do you like to use it? What original things have you seen made of faux-fur?

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