Advantages of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding a beautiful material that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but very functional as well. There are many properties to cedar that help a home maintain heat and cool, as well as smell nice, and have a complementary look. Cedar is a natural bug deterrent, so pesky insects tend to leave the product alone.

Using a natural or clear sealant is a great way of preserving cedar siding, and with that the product will remain beautiful and durable for many years. This product has a red hue that is mixed together with a sand-colored grain. The siding can come in strips, or in shingles, like that seen on Victorian-style homes. This means that installation is no different than any other natural-siding product.

Keep your cool with cedar siding

Cedar has a porous structure compared to other woods. This means that cedar allows natural airflow, while heat is transferred, and regulated through this type of material quite easily for the promotion of moderate temperatures indoors. It is also means that heat will remain indoors during the winter, as it acts as a great insulator. It is hard to beat a beautiful product that is also cost-saving. Cedar is used in areas that tend to attract destructive insects because it repels them so well.

This is the same benefit that you will see on the exterior of your home. Because of the beautiful grain pattern, there is no need to paint as the red and sand colors are a lovely display, especially during spring. The temperature aspect allows the cedar to work as a great addition to your homes insulation, thus reducing your heating and cooling bills.

Cedar Siding Is A Designer’s Choice

Cedar siding is a great way to accentuate existing character in a home. The siding can be installed in a vertical or horizontal fashion, immediately rendering a homey, comfortable exterior. Apart from the golden-red color of new cedar siding, the wood naturally ages (when not clear stained) to a distinguished sylvan gray color. Whatever stain you choose, cedar is complementary to a variety of popular landscaping elements, and has a large impact on how visitors, and prospective buyers, perceive your home for that all-important ‘first impression’.

Cedar works well for homes that have a rural, Victorian, traditional look, but also suits a contemporary design just as well. The style of cedar can fit within any style and budget, meaning that it is a great fit for any home. Cedar is long-lasting and durable,and renders that down-home, yet high-end look that you’re after.

BuildDirect offers free samples of cedar siding. Find out what your options are, then leap into spring with the fresh look of cedar on your home.

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