Affordable Alternative Decor: Elegance Without Undue Expense

Maybe those glossy pictures of high-end houses make a comfortable and stylish home seem out of reach. Television shows about creating amazing decor achieved spending thousand of dollars don’t help either if you don’t have that same budget. But, that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

It is possible to turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of  by using items you can find in thrift stores, by seeking out innovatively designed alternate products, and by using your sizable creative brain to come up with a plan that helps you get where you’re trying to go with your home decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Paint on elegance

Unbelievably, you can paint almost anything to give it a touch of elegance and sophistication. Try finding thrift store furniture you can easily spray paint to make it look more valuable. Look for lamp bases to paint according to your specified color scheme. In addition you can paint even smaller things like wooden cabinet knobs and other hardware for cabinets and doors from the hardware store to turn a dull kitchen into a gourmet space.

Painted furniture dresser home decor

The key to creating high-end decor is in the details. If you can take smaller items and give them a touch up coat, they’ll look brand new. This also works on furniture, try painting tables and chairs white, black, or even a metallic hue to create an expensive looking piece. Painted items and furniture will give your home an industrial feel.

Sew together Sophistication

The great part about sewing is anyone can learn. If you have access to a sewing machine, use it, but if not you can still hand sew almost anything. You just might want to keep your projects on the smaller side if you’re new to sewing. It’s also easy to find accessories for any room theme or color scheme because all you have to do is find the fabric you like.

shabby chic slipcover by

Shabby chic style slipcover, great for an older sofa. (image:

There are many free printable patterns online. By makings some simple throw pillows to place on your couch and chairs, not only have you upped your comfort, you’ve created exactly what you wanted without paying designer prices. Depending on the fabric, you’ll be able to create a vintage, cottage feel with a simple and flowery print.

Vinyl with value

This decor option is a bit pricier than others, but if you’re looking to get hardwood floors or to replace your old ones, going with vinyl flooring will save a ton of money. Hardwood floors give any space an instant uplift and add to your high-end look. But, hardwood isn’t always practical in every space. Fortunately, you can find vinyl in a variety of stains to look like real wood, and no one will be the wiser.

Vinyl flooring dining room

“smoked oak” vinyl flooring, offered in a plank format just like a traditional wood floor.

Vinyl floors will give your home a modern twist with a touch of vintage spice.

Picture it

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on art for a high-end look. Just clip out some pictures you like from magazines and newspapers, and put them in some nice frames.

Try finding cheaper frames at yard sales you can paint in metallic or bright colors. Then, spray on a clear coat for a glossy finish. You can also use mirrors as wall art, another thrift store find that can brighten up even the dullest of spaces. Pictures in black and white will turn your bland walls into a posh and distinguished area.

family photographs home decor

Now that you have some ideas to get you started, don’t let anything stand in your way. Get creative and decorate your space with high-end elegance by spending a low-end budget. You’ll be able to have your dream home in no time.

What about *your* projects?

What DIY projects have you completed that didn’t cost a lot, but paid off in visual effect?

What found objects, or thrift shop finds served you best?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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