Air Duct Cleaning Basics: An Infographic

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Clean air ducts promote healthy indoor air quality as well as for efficient heating and cooling. Here’s an infographic for basic air duct care and maintenance.


With all of the functions that keep it working, your home is kind of like a body that you live in. And like every living thing, your home has to breathe. The way it does that in a large part is through your HVAC system, with your home’s air ducts being like branches in its respiratory system.

So, the cleaner your air ducts are, the more efficiently your home will be able to breathe. Of course, that means you breathe better and more healthily too with better air quality for your own respiratory system. What are some ways you can maintain your air ducts in order to keep them clear of pollutants  in between visits from HVAC professionals?

Take a look at this infographic that covers the basics.
BuildDirect_CleaningAirDucts_v1 copy

The benefits

What’s are the main advantages of a house that breathes more easily? Well, one is better air quality for you in general. This means less dust and mold present in your home, which has all kinds of health benefits for you as well as for your home, including allergies and other air quality-related issues.

Another advantage is how much you pay in utility bills. A home that can breathe more easily is one that doesn’t over-exert air conditioners and furnaces. This means you pay less to keep a healthier and more comfortable home .

How often should HVAC systems be serviced professionally?

Since your vents and your HVAC system are so important, it makes sense to call in the professionals on a yearly basis at least. The frequency of professional services can depend on the air quality and climatic conditions of your surrounding environment. It can also depend on the age of your home, and of your HVAC system.

This kind of information shared with a professional in your area is a good place to start when you make contact. But, as mentioned above, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of the day to day basics yourself in between visits.

Your stories and challenges

What is your own regimen for improving air quality in your space?

How often do you see to air duct cleaning?

Have you ever done it yourself, or do you always call in the professionals?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.




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