All Time Classics

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What do movies, music, cars and stone have in common? They all have classics.

1931 Oldsmobile Hot Rod

When people think of “The Classics” many different images come up. Some people are immediately drawn to the old movies like Casablanca. Almost everyone, even me,  has heard someone try and impersonate Bogart with a little, “Here’s looking at you kid”. Some people immediately think of an old song. For me that always comes down to The King. Maybe for you its  car, or perhaps a 1931 Oldsmobile Hot Rod.

When people think of a classic building materials, stone is the obvious choice. From the Roman Coliseum to large villas to your beach front estate. Nothing exudes classic beauty quite like natural stone. The question for you is, did you know that classic look can go beyond your floors? Many people are now running travertine, marble and slate up their walls, both inside and out. Another option to give your kitchen or bathroom a truly classic appeal is natural stone sinks. Check out the images below and tell me that wouldn’t look great in that 6,500 square foot beach front estate (or your 2 bedroom apartment)!

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