An article about preparing for installing engineered wood flooring

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Hey Good People – Rob here.

Here’s a link to an article about installing engineered wood flooring that actually sheds a bit of light on what’s involved in a major flooring renovation.

In this particular instance, the family involved was renovating most of their house, putting engineered wood flooring everywhere, except their bathrooms and other wet areas (good choice! wood and moisture are sworn enemies…). The family chose dark, distressed engineered flooring, which is a continuing trend.

The piece talks a bit about the trend towards engineered wood flooring in general actually, but I think the more valuable bits of information center around how to prepare for an installation when you’ve hired contractors. When you’re getting ready to go about installing engineered wood flooring when involving the professionals, the article makes a couple of points pretty clear:

  1. Order samples. Make sure you know how the flooring materials will actually look against other design elements in the space
  2. Think about layout. Some like horizontal, vertical, or diagonal layout. But some layouts take more time than others. And that means potentially laying out more money.
  3. Plan on delays to your project, which lead to extra costs for the installer’s time. When budgeting, tack a few days onto your quoted price, not including weekends
  4. Plan on wastage, and order at least 7-10% more materials than you think you’ll need.

Another point they make is the fact that it may be worth it to budget in the services of professional cleaners, which includes duct cleaning. I think this is a pretty important aspect personally, just because both my wife and my daughter suffer from asthma. A lot of dust gets kicked up when installing wood flooring of any kind. It’s worth it to make sure the dust particles don’t hang around long term, even if you don’t have asthma.

What about you guys? Anything to add based on your own experiences? Let me know!

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