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Area Rugs and Wood Floors

Today’s post is about area rugs. A shockingly large consumer market exists for this product category (USA estimates range from US$3B to $4B in annual sales). It is the perfect complement to hard surface flooring. Hard surface (ie: hardwood, engineered, laminate, bamboo, etc) is such a large percentage of the market place that area rugs are the perfect compliment. If you have a hard surface floor and are not using area rugs you are missing out.

As it is difficult to change the look of the actual floor, it is easy to change the look of a room with the right area rug. As I discuss in this video, an average sized apartment can effectively use area rugs to create borders for different rooms or zones of your living space.

The additional benefits to using an area rug include:

Sound reduction: important in many apartment or townhome complexes,

Fashion forward: the design element options are endless with area rugs… you can change the look and feel or you home through the material (feel), the design (look) the shape (area rugs come in square, rectangular, circular, octagon, hexagon, etc),

Protection: from dragging furniture across the floor and damaging it (and if you have already damaged your floor it is a great way to hide the damage!)

Comfort: ‘Warmth under foot’ is a good way to describe a rug. It can make walking on a hard, unforgiving surface far more comfortable, in addition to being warm vs a hard surface floor, which tends to be cool

Area rugs can be made of natural or synthetic materials. My favorite (which I have in my home) is the 5’x8′ Yanchi bamboo shag area rug – Crimson color.

Click on the image to see full size.

Note the flooring used in this apartment is a 5″ wide, hand distressed engineered floor call Vanier Cosmopolitan Trendy Collection: Maple Coffee.

Click on the image to see full size.

One of the nicest floors you’ll ever see. Absolutely gorgeous!

Rob Banks


  1. “If you have a hard surface floor and are not using area rugs you are missing out.”, well said! The benefits of area rugs are numerous. Many of them are truly works of art. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks very much for stopping by, Steve!

      We find that area rugs are great items that perfectly partner with wood floors, as you can see. There are so many benefits to them, from using them to define spaces visually, to using them as accent pieces for the natural beauty of wood floors. That’s a lot of potential for a relatively inexpensive floor covering.

      Thanks again for your comments, and feel free to stop by again.


  2. I too like the Crimson color area rug in your house. Great selection !! The unique area rugs have run a long way to satisfy the need the interior decoration and protect ourselves from cold tiles in winter.

  3. I really like the hardwood floors, and area rugs can make a room even more refreshing, and comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing Rob,

  4. Also I’d like to mention that area rugs are not only meant to decorate our living space but it stands as a testimonial for hard workmanship. :-)

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