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Armstrong Laminate Flooring Is A Great Addition To A Long Line Of Products

Armstrong flooring company started as a two man cork cutting shop with Thomas Armstrong at the helm. The company started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1860 and grew to have manufacturing plants and sales locations all over the United States. This two man shop grew into into a manufacturing giant employing thousands of people. Armstrong grew by meeting the flooring needs of the consumer with quality products at reasonable prices. In 1909 they introduced linoleum flooring and many other products followed in the ensuing years. Now Armstrong flooring manufactures and sells hardwood flooring, armstrong laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, linoleum flooring, ceiling tile products and much more.

Armstrong laminate flooring is made with Master Works technology to achieve very realistic laminate floor designs. Some of these designs are wood, ceramic tile, stone and slate. Each design has 2, 4 or more colors available for the consumer to choose from. Installation is made easy with the Arma Lock-Lock and Fold installation system that requires no glue or nails. These high traffic, high impact floors require little maintenance and have wear warranties of up to 25 years depending on the pattern and quality.

Laminate flooring gets it’s name from the manufacturing process used to make it. This floor is made of a very strong wear layer of aluminum oxide or other material on top of a photographic layer depicting wood, stone, ceramic or slate. This layer is adhered to a core of high density fiberboard made of wood by products. All these layers are laminated together with adhesive and heat to form a strong durable plank with edges designed to click together in a floating floor. Some laminates have a layer of thin foam insulation adhered to the back of each plank, others require you to install the foam insulation to the sub floor before installing the laminate. Laminate flooring can go over old vinyl, tile or wood making it very cost effective and versatile. Laminate flooring is easy for the homeowner to install themselves, saving labor costs.

Armstrong flooring company manufactures well known sheet flooring like solarian, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tile, solid and engineered wood flooring, linoleum sheet flooring as well as armstrong laminate flooring. They also have an extensive line of ceiling tiles and other products to meet consumer needs. This is a company with a history innovation and quality products sold at reasonable prices. There are many price points and quality levels for each line of products to meet budget needs of the consumer.

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