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Armstrong’s SwiftLock Laminate Flooring: Doing It Yourself Is A Snap

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. lives up to its legacy as a global contender in the decorative and industrial industry. Armstrong aims to provide a qualitative model in the manufacturing of floors, ceilings, and cabinets. Armstrong affiliates itself with several environmentally-friendly organizations in an effort to achieve its sustainability goals. Armstrong’s marketing firm distributes a comprehensive selection of hardwood, laminate, ceramic, linoleum, and vinyl tiles. Armstrong’s research and developmental arm produces innovative and exclusive designs, such as BioBased tile, and SwiftLock laminate flooring.

SwiftLock laminate flooring protects against impressions, heavy object impacts, modest levels of foot wear, stains, and fading. SwiftLock laminate flooring consists of a thin melamine resin on the surface with a photographic image simulating authentic exotic wood beneath it. Additionally, two-shock absorbent layers provide the core and base units for maximum durability. SwiftLock laminate flooring’s catalog covers a wide spectrum of shapes, textures, and colors. SwiftLock laminate flooring’s nonrestrictive accessibility allows home owners to decide which rooms are needed for installation. SwiftLock’s “floating board” design interlocks with a tongue and groove. A floating board design facilitates in a successful installment without the need to remove any past flooring materials. This feature can save on unnecessary labor costs, because home owners can take the initiative to install the floor themselves. The floors will preserve their beauty, despite high-traffic from children and pets, temperature changes, and light humidity levels. SwiftLock laminate flooring is offered under a wide range of commercially-driven products, such as their acoustical ceiling and suspension systems which is 90% dominated by small businesses, and the corporate sector.

Armstrong’s warrants the prospective buyer against manufacturing defects, and if the barrier is insufficiently sealed during the installation process. Armstrong claims to cover the loss of any damages accrued after the installation of the flooring is completed. However, the owners must maintain adequate upkeep of the flooring in order to qualify for a reimbursement. Armstrong pays a percentage of the repairs from the date of the purchase. There are also a number of conditions that disqualify any prospective buyer from the warranty supplied with a SwiftLock laminate flooring purchase. Armstrong offers a limited amount of cleaning supplies on their website, including laminate floor cleaning spray, microfiber mop replacements, fluid refills for empty spray canisters, and residential floor protectors.

Armstrong charges anywhere between ninety-nine cents upwards to seven dollars per square foot. It is up to the client to choose what textural look and feel is applicable for his or her surroundings. Underlayment and density of the product effects the pricing measured for each laminate floor board. If the underlayment is unattached to the purchased laminate floor boards, then a separate installment is needed. The prices for underlayment range from one to three dollars a square foot. Underlayment provides a valuable barrier to seal off moisture which could potentially damage the laminate flooring, thus voiding the terms in the warranty package. If a prospective client opts out of buying the SwiftLock laminate flooring brand, then they will need to arrange to have their old flooring removed before installation can proceed.

SwiftLock laminate flooring features a do-it-yourself installation process void of nails and glue. If the potential client prefers an alternative design, then he or she can hire a certified Armstrong specialist unit to ensure proper installation of the selected product. Prospective clients can find all of Armstrong’s products at local hardware stores, including the featured SwiftLock laminate flooring brand. It is also recommended to inquire about Armstrong’s certified installation team for meet the quality standards of their warranty package. Prospective clients should find satisfaction in their purchase if planned ahead of time.

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