Asian-Inspired Decor: Add Tranquility To Your Bathroom

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Asian design is perfect for the bathroom. Add serenity, balance and peace to your “me” time with these decor ideas.


If you hadn’t already noticed reading me regularly, I really, really like taking baths. It’s my favorite thing… well, maybe my second favorite, after chocolate.

Another thing I really like is Asian-inspired decor. I’m a fan of the muted colors, the minimalism and the balance between form and function. So no wonder I look with admiration at Asian-style bathrooms. I can already imagine myself bathing in a large stone tub scented with jasmine flowers. One day, one day…

In the meantime, plan your bathroom for an Asian-style renovation with these decor elements that add a sense of tranquility and balance.

Rich colored wood patterning

A successful Asian-style bathroom can use rich, warm woods as its basic texture.

Wood is actually one of the five elements in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Wood is actually the perfect element to use in the bathroom, because it needs moisture to function. Wood is associated with patience, sensuality, fecundity and altruism.

If you conceive your bathroom as a space to indulge your senses, using wood will enhance this experience, even if you end up going with wood grain tile instead (which is more resistant to frequent moisture).

Raw textures

Instead of the highly polished marble and porcelain of the Western bathroom, try using raw, unpolished textures for a back-to-basics approach to your bathroom.

Soft but matte stone, unpolished wood and raw jute make for another kind of sensual experience, mostly to the touch. They remind us of times when we made our own baths and benches and counters and of the beauty of simple, raw, unembellished nature.

wood grain pattern rustic porcelain tile

Is it real wood? No. It’s waterproof porcelain tile; perfect for a bathroom installation that requires a warm, rustic, Asian decor feel.


In Asian cultures, red symbolizes energy, joy, good luck and purity. It’s an important color in many Chinese-inspired decor, and it can work well in a bathroom, especially if you’re a morning bather.

Chinese red is warm and inviting and usually comes with black and gold accents. A bathroom using these colors will be royal, almost decadent. Accent it with shiny black countertops and a golden mosaic mirror for the full effect!


Did you know that certain species of bamboo can grow two feet a day? Bamboo requires little resources to grow, is among the strongest and most flexible materials in the world, and a very ecological and renewable resource.

bamboo patterned porcelain tile

Bamboo patterned porcelain tile: still with the warmth and association with Asian decor, with the practicality of water-proof porcelain.

A bathroom using bamboo will have a definite Asian edge, if only because we associate this material with Asia. Use it as a privacy screen or as a flooring material, or even as a sink. Grow a good-luck bamboo in a corner of your bathroom–the plant loves moisture!

Minimalist shapes

Asian bathrooms can be plush and opulent, but they can also be minimal. Paint the walls in a light, neutral shade; use a single shape repeated throughout the room; decorate with simple items such as branches or stones.

A minimal, uncluttered bathroom will release your mind from the stress of the day and lift your body and spirit through a meditative experience.

Don’t forget to add plenty of lighting, either from windows or from light fixtures, or both, to open up the room and highlight its minimal beauty.

Harmony in all things

Asian-style bathrooms can also seek balance and harmony between their shapes and colors. In order to attain harmony, every element must have an equal and opposite in the room: round shapes meet square shapes, light colors meet dark colors, warm meets cool.

The point in obtaining harmony is to not let any element of the room become the sole focus. The room should be pleasant as a whole and let eye flow easily from one element to the other. As usual, plenty of light is the best way to bring life to any bathroom.

Your next Asian trip is across the hallway

So, are you inspired yet? I must admit I am. Next thing I do might just be organizing a spa getaway in Bali or something! (I wish.)

But in the meantime, I can certainly add some Asian touches to my bathroom to add a sense of serenity and peace to my life. How about you? Do you like the Asian style for the bathroom? Which element inspires you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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