Back To School Organization: Smart Family Home Decor Ideas

back to school backpack and books

There are few moments in the year that make me more nostalgic than September. I’ve always enjoyed back-to-school time: fresh writing supplies, the smell of new books, the fall fashions, and, more than anything else, the thought of learning more stuff for another 8 months. I always associate September with “happy”.

Fall is the perfect time to dedicate ourselves to planning and organization. After the lazy, unplanned days of summer, it may be hard to get back into a strict routine, especially for children. So here are a few home décor ideas that will help you reorganize your home and help everyone, children included, to make this time of the year a pillar for success.

Organize your books

Back to school means “more books!”, which is always an exciting moment for a bookworm like me. Here are some book organization ideas for everyone in the family.

For the adults, a new bookcase for the study will help you put away the summer reading and prepare for the rest of the year. Get some fresh bookends, like this original sea serpent or these vintage brass bookends, which match with this season’s brass trends.

To help reduce clutter in a child’s bedroom, use the walls for putting away school books and notebooks. Install a few wall shelves at your child’s height so he or she can put away books after the homework is done.

Rethink your workspace

Homework nooks and office space in a child’s bedroom are getting more and more popular. Indeed, instead of using the kitchen table where distractions abound, encourage children to take ownership of their learning by letting them do homework in their room. If there is space, add a desk and some storage space for homework and art supplies. Make sure the space is inviting with a comfortable chair and practical storage solutions.

Add some colors for increased creativity and productivity–we know that orange, in particular, helps people be more creative and focused. Make the workspace fun and funky so that children will look forward to spending time at their desks!

As for the adults, it might be time to give that office a nice clean up to remove cluttered papers. Get a filing cabinet and a tray to organize your documents. Make sure you have good lighting for the dark evenings to come–replace your incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient lights to help reduce your electricity bill.

Cook great lunches

Back to school also marks the return of the oft-dreaded lunch. This is where smart menu planning and kitchen organization come into play.

Involve your children in menu planning with this magnetic lunch chart project. The idea behind this chart is simple yet smart: choose what to put in each lunch item (sandwich, beverage, dessert and snack) for every day of the week so that both chef and children know what’s on the menu.

With so much food to plan for and prepare, kitchen organization is a must. We have 8 great tips for kitchen organization right here on the blog–give them a look!

Keep your entrance clear

It’s never too late to teach children good organization habits, especially with their coats, boots and bags. Too often, we let children clutter the entrance with their stuff. Here are some smart ways to encourage them to hang their coats and put their boots away.

To help them store their scarves, mittens and hats, use ordinary baskets and add a name tag. I also like the idea of using each child’s favourite color. No more lost gloves!

Install hooks at an appropriate height so they can hang their coats and bags easily. Add some shoe storage in the form of bins or baskets to avoid tripping on footwear as you walk into the door.

Adults should be the example here. If you leave your boots in the entrance and don’t hang your coat, how do you expect your children to build good habits of their own? Hang your coat. Put your boots away. Not only will your children learn from your excellent example, but you will also have a clutter-free entrance.

Reward good habits

Encouraging good organization habits in children isn’t too difficult: you simply need to give them rewards for hanging their coats, putting their dirty lunch dishes away in the dishwasher and doing their homework every day. Show them how a clean home makes everyone happy!

What are your back to school challenges? How do you organize this important time of the year and help the whole family get back in the routine? Share your thoughts, ideas and challenges with us in the comments!

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