Backyard Party Success: 6 Ways To Perfection

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With blue skies and lots of sunshine, the white pants re-emerge from the closet and the ice-cream man makes a comeback. Over the last few months, we’ve shared some awe-inspiring outdoor spaces, from the outstanding to the outrageous.  Check out the outdoor movie theater and the million dollar Vegas resort backyard.

As the months grow warmer, there’s nothing better than kicking back in your own backyard. Why not share some sun with a few  friends? It’s the time of the season for backyard parties! Send out a few e-vites, hose down the patio, get out the barbecue, and read on for a few quick tips on how to host a fun get-together.

1. Create Your Own Shish Kabobs

Take a little pressure off the chef by letting guests put together their own Shish Kabobs. This recipe from the Food Network has some pretty mouth-watering suggestions, from Dijon-Rosemary Steak to Citrus-Terragon Chicken. Add some veggies dressed with Balsamic Vinaigrette, and they’re ready for grilling. A yummy addition to any backyard party.

2. Fun and Games

Make sure there’s never a dull moment and keep guests out of the kitchen, and actively taking part in your backyard party. Durable outdoor games like Bocce are good for all ages and add a little competitive edge. Now’s also a perfect time to pull out that croquet set that’s been hiding in the garage all winter.

Raise the stakes by providing a playful prize for the winner, like a fun beach blanket or a shovel and pail for the beach.

3. Citronella candles

Whenever you head outside, just light one of these and keep it close. Not only does it give off a pleasant lemony scent, but it does double-duty as mosquito repellant while you and your guests enjoy the backyard party. This is really important to ensure your guests aren’t bugged throughout their meal.

Photo:Pete Gray 1

Pier 1 Imports offers a colorful selection that comes in their own wire-basket for easy carrying. Or, if you’re nifty and are looking for a quick and fun project, you could whip up some of your own. offers instructions on how to make citronella candles yourself to keep your backyard party bug-free.

This element to a backyard party is also helpful if you have a bunch of pretty jars or glasses lying around that you don’t know what to do with.

4. Casual seating space

Bring the fun of the picnic into your own backyard. Lay out bright blankets and comfortable cushions, and your backyard party guests will be able to spread out onto the lawn with ease. While waiting for the barbeque to be ready, everyone can relax together and enjoy the sun. Prop up a few large umbrellas for extra shade.

Picnicking friends

5. A Space for Spot

Make sure your pet has a great view of the backyard party as well! With all the new people and delicious smells, Spot will want a place on the lawn to call his own. For tips on animal-friendly plants to tucked away spaces your little one can go to rest, take a glance at Cate’s article about gardening and pets.

For inspiration on creating pet nooks, check out how Brian of transformed a vintage luggage case into some designer doggy digs:


6. Backyard Party Time Libation

And last but not least, make sure every one stays refreshed with a few pitchers of sangria. For a devilish twist, why not give this spicy Sangria recipe a go? The addition of chili pepper will ensure your guests don’t get too sleepy in the sun…

sangria with chilis

Photo: Antonis Achilleos

What are some of your top backyard party tips? Let us know below!

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