Bamboo As Art, Not Just as Flooring

Bamboo is a versatile material.  You’ve heard it here from Matt and me quite a bit of course.  And you’ve heard it elsewhere too, by now.  It’s good the look, the functional benefits, and the advantage of sustainability too.  But, bamboo has something else too – artistry.

Take a look at this story that talks about bamboo in non-functional works of art, which proves the point.  Each piece uses bamboo differently too, revealing the talents of the artists, but also shows something about how many forms bamboo can take; smooth surfaces, rough ones, conical ones, flat ones.   The results are, to my untrained eye, pretty cool!

As a marketer, I’ve written a lot about how great bamboo as flooring is.  But, it’s interesting to note that bamboo is also a useful raw material for those who are going for pure conceptualism.

The show the article talks about is being held at the Japan Society in New York City from October 4 to January 11.  If anyone out there gets to go, I’d love to hear a review!



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