Bamboo flooring and the green product stigma

Hey good people – Rob here again!

As mentioned in other posts on this here blog, bamboo flooring is the choice of the green consumer, which is made even more of an advantage because of how widespread its popularity is. One advantage that bamboo floors have in terms of their appeal to consumers is that they seem to embody all that is good in a green product, while also escaping the stigmas too. I think this is because bamboo floors get by very easily on their own merits, much like any traditional choice in flooring does.

Bamboo forestOn a more general scale, products like bamboo which are considered to be ‘green’ are also assumed to be more expensive, less available, and less reliable. Bamboo floors are none of these, and they tend to escape this green product stigma. They’re not looked upon as being a compromise by most consumers. You know some of the more obvious advantages of bamboo flooring; a unique look, great durability, easy to clean, and because of increased demand, tend to be less expensive than one might think.

The point is this; no one settles for bamboo, they choose it. They’re not anyone’s ugly sister in the flooring world, in other words. To be fair, I think that there are a lot of green products which stand on their own merits just like bamboo flooring does. But, there is that stigma that green products are specialized items not meant to serve general usage as well as stalwart traditional products.

I found this article about green products in Bakersfield California. This part of the world is a fairly traditional consumer market that is also plagued with some pretty bad air quality. The article centres around the opening of a new store which specializes in green products called Fresh and Green. One of the challenges they face is that it seems that people are still wary of looking for alternatives, even in the face of unhealthy environments.

One of the most telling parts of the article is the qualifier that they feel they have to make – that ‘we’re not hippies’. It’s kind of funny in a way, but not so funny in another. Environmental concerns are no longer the sole property of spacey, dreadlocked vegetarians wearing hemp dresses. They are everyone’s concern and will be for a long time. As the article points out, this isn’t just a market trend; it’s life. Making choices when shopping for anything with this idea in mind is becoming more and more of a going concern. And it’s great that there are more and more choices in a variety of areas that consumers can count on. Bamboo flooring is certainly among them when it comes to interior design.

But the real sale that matters is the idea that consumerist culture and environmental concerns are becoming more and more closely tied. So it’s to our advantage to buy now, and buy often.

Bamboo forest shot courtesy of Joi.

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