Bamboo undies? Sure thing!

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A funny old thing is bamboo.

We happen make flooring out of it, and do a pretty good job of it too if we do say so ourselves.  And there are specialists out there who put it to other uses too, some of which I’ve outlined on this very blog.

But, I was amused to find that bamboo has a sexy side!

Bamboo underwear

Consider bamboo underwear, people.  Now on first impressions, perhaps this sounds like an uncomfortable prospect.  Perhaps you’ve got visions of stiff-panted eco-warriors staggering around in carbonized horizontal planks in the shape of your standard pair of undies.  But no.

Here’s an article about bamboo underwear that explains that you actually get a pretty comfy experience, and all with a material which is as sustainable as it is versatile.

I wonder if they have it in tiger strand woven bamboo?

RrrrARRGH! 🙂



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