Bathe Yourself In Luxury: Tips For A Decked-Out Shower

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There’s nothing like a long, hot shower at day’s end to wash away your troubles. (Sigh. It’s the little things in life.)

In my rental days, I bathed in a sad shower, complete with a sad, leaky faucet. I imagined myself as a mermaid splashing around under rose-colored clouds. In reality, I was a 5’ 9” woman pretzeled under a shower head built for a hobbit. (But what’s life without daydreams?)

To me, showering is now more about transcendence than necessity. And a rub-a-dub-dub in a run-of-the-mill tub just won’t do.

You need a waterfall, not a shower head

Shower headA good shower head is the difference between a luxurious cascade of awesomeness and a disappointing hose down that leaves your skin raw or barely clean. Whether it’s a pathetic little dribble or a sand-blasting experience, a second-rate shower is no way to start, or end, your day.

Ditch the typical setup in favor of something more splendid: the waterfall shower head. (Drum roll, please!) I had one of these installed, and absolutely no regrets. Now showering feels like a gentle sprinkling under the falls of a botanical garden. (That’s indulgence, my friends.)

Winning with disco showers!

Good lighting is the difference between a warm, relaxing retreat, and a shadowy, cavernous hollow where you scrub off your daily grime. Sure, electricity and water can be a dicey combination. But there are many waterproof, shower-friendly lights to choose from.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: To brighten things up, I installed dimmable, waterproof LED strip lights in my shower. Best. Decision. Ever. They change from white to blue and purple. (I usually set them on a soft purple.) If you’ve never had a disco shower, you’ve never lived, my friend.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Sure, having a clean shower is nice. But cleaning sucks, and you don’t wanna! (I feel your pain.) To get the job done, sometimes you need to get into that mental zone accessed only by Martha-Stewart-loving towel folders.

Luckily, transforming your shower from slovenly to sparkling is much easier when you get organized. And that’s not possible with half-full shampoo bottles crashing at your feet. (We’ve all been there.)

To clean up your act, get your hands on a super-handy shower organizer. I like the ones that tuck into the corner, complete with multiple levels. Lots of storage space is a good thing, especially if you share your shower.

Singin’ in the shower

man singing in the shower

Whether your shower-time ditties echo the melodic vocals of Pavarotti—or a karaoke night gone wrong—there’s something soothing about singing in the shower. To give myself something to hum along to, I’ve installed a waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled radio right into my shower head.

The radio, which syncs up with my music playlist via Bluetooth, is magnetic and detachable. (I know: My showering habits are a bit over the top.) If you’re not in the market for something quite that fancy, you could buy a basic shower radio. Or you could make your own music. (Look out, Beyoncé!)

Take-home lesson

Whether you’re up for a total shower remodel or just a few minor tweaks, small changes make a big difference. Just don’t use up all the hot water, OK?

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