Bathroom Flooring Options For Practicality and Beauty

Bathroom remodeling is a trend during this time of year, just before the Holiday season commences. Here’s a post about a very important aspect of your transformed bathroom – your flooring! 

Writer Stephanie Staszko steps up to give you a place to start when considering your bathroom flooring options …


The flooring in your bathroom can make or break the entire appearance. You need your flooring to be attractive, durable, practical and comfortable under foot. There are many options when it comes to choosing bathroom flooring and knowing which will best serve your bathroom can be a mind-boggling task.

Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom is incredibly important. Before you jump in at the deep end, have a read through some pointers which will help you to decide which flooring will most suit your bathroom.

Vinyl tile floors

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular bathroom flooring choices and there’s a very valid reason behind it. Generally reasonably priced, it’s available in so many different designs and styles that you can find one to suit any bathroom. They are generally made in sheets or tiles but, like all types of flooring, they MUST be laid on an even floor. If your floor isn’t even, you’ll notice bubble-like lumps appearing.

Perfect for: So versatile and widely available there’s a design to suit every bathroom. Checkerboard vinyl tiles are the ultimate flooring for Victorian bathrooms.

Stone tile flooring

Stone flooring is incredibly fashionable due to its sleek appearance and durability. Stone tile flooring needs sealing before suitable for use in the bathroom as they can be porous. They’re generally available in limestone and granite and can really add an air of class to a modern bathroom.

They typically come with a higher price-tag than vinyl, so you need to be sure on your choice before splurging!

Perfect for: Creating a spa-like bathroom which wouldn’t be complete without a whirlpool bath.

wood grain porcelain tile for floors and walls in the bathroom

Here's an example of wood grain porcelain tile for floors and walls in the modern bathroom. A wood grain pattern can provide the look of wood, with all of the moisture-proof performance of porcelain tile. Click the image to review some options.

Porcelain and ceramic tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles mimic stone flooring but are available at a lower price. They’re hygienic as they’re easy to keep clean. It’s also suitable for use with underfloor heating, which can be a great luxurious touch to a modern bathroom.

You needn’t worry about co-ordinating your wall covering with your flooring either as porcelain and ceramic tiles are suitable for on the walls.

Perfect for: Creating a modern, luxurious bathroom without the high price-tag.

Wood flooring

Although solid wood flooring isn’t a suitable choice of bathroom flooring, engineered wood flooring has been used as bathroom floors. It has a top layer of hardwood flooring that is protected from expansion by a core layer due to higher levels of humidity, for which bathrooms are known. This makes it more durable for the everyday use of bathrooms.

Some engineered wood flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating as well, although it’s advisable to check with your manufacturer or fitter before installing. Also, double check warranties for bathroom installations, too.

Perfect for: Traditional and country homes and cottages. Can look great in attic conversions too if co-ordinated with the beams.

Rubber floors

Rubber tiles are ideal for bathrooms are they’re extremely hard-wearing and can cope under the moisture and varying heat conditions. They’re also really easy to clean so they’re well suited for busy bathrooms. They’re available in many different colours, shades and textures. Studded patterns are popular as they have non-slip qualities.

Perfect for: Homes for the elderly or those with limited mobility as they are non-slip which provides a safe flooring particularly when wet.

Bathroom flooring: think practicality along with beauty

When choosing the floor covering for your bathroom you need to be aware of some which are simply a no-go for the bathroom. Carpet may appear tempting and the cushioned feel underfoot when you step out of the shower may seem ideal but they’re simply not built for bathroom use.

The moisture causes them to harbour smells and you’ll find the carpet is constantly saturated and not actually that pleasant for your feet! If you really need the cushioned feel under your feet invest in some plush bathmats which can be washed and dried after every use – they can be a great accessory when used adhering to your bathroom’s accent colour!


Thanks, Stephanie!

Stephanie Staszko wrote this on behalf of Designo Radiators.  You can follow her on Twitter @StephStaz where you will find more interior design posts.



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