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When we shop for home improvement items, fixtures, materials, we’re not actually buying them just to buy them. We’re buying them because they are a means to an end. We’re looking to express ourselves through changing our spaces to fit our inspiration, our vision for what our space can be.

Home improvement writer Sean Murphy of and associated sites, is here to talk about how fixtures and accessories can provide the spark of our inspiration, and the visual vocabularies for our way of expressing our personalities through our spaces …


We express ourselves in innumerable ways. We hear a song and tap our feet. We see a piece of art and head to our own drawing board. We recognize a friendly face and we smile.

That expression comes from somewhere, does it not? We wish to express ourselves when we’re inspired to do so.

The same goes for designing the living spaces within our home.

Self-expression is a fundamental facet of being human. Look at children. They live squarely within the moment and, for better or worse, are experts at expressing themselves. Whether it’s a supermarket tantrum or a spur-of-the-moment picture they draw out of love, the only way they know how to express themselves is without hesitation.

So, what if we could effortlessly channel our inspiration into self-expression? And what would it look like if we could harness that into our home?

Fixtures are a part of design scheme

Inspiration can come in all forms—and it can come when you least expect it. So self-expression should be equally accessible. Fortunately, when it comes to your home, it is that easy.

Whether the contemporary moves you or Mother Nature is your muse, opportunities for self-expression lay throughout your home, in every room, in every corner. Today’s building materials are more accessible, diverse, and versatile than ever. Flooring, tile, and custom countertops have become part of the design scheme, instead of just being a place where we put our stuff or something we walk on.

The fixtures throughout your home can complement these building materials.

Bathroom design and inspiration

The bathroom is a place where your ability to convey your passion can pay huge dividends. You choose your fixtures out of necessity or to attain harmony. Sometimes it’s for comfort or because you’d rather relish in luxury.

The bathroom can be a private sanctuary, but family and guests can also use it frequently. With so much potential activity, the bathroom’s design calls for a focal point, something the entire room appears to have been inspired by.

No matter how big your bathroom is, the bathroom faucet can be a striking focal point. From high-arc spouts to wall-mounted faucets, bathroom faucets have the ability to awe and surprise. Installing a new bathroom faucet is an easy and effective upgrade that can breathe new life into this living space.

Lighting fixtures and inspiring design

Another example of expressing an inspiration is through lighting. It’s used throughout your home, and is another simple upgrade that can work wonders. A chandelier can double as art; many ceiling fans feature integrated light kits; lamps and under cabinet lighting are effective task lighting fixes; and outdoor lighting can increase the safety around your home, while adding to its curb appeal.

Your home is a blank canvas

Think of your home as a blank canvas, just waiting to be touched by your imagination. But first, inspiration must strike. And when you’re ready to channel that passion, that’s self-expression. And if your expression inspires others, well, then you’ve just stirred someone’s inner designer the way yours was awakened.

So, who says your home can’t be inspiring?

Let your imagination take hold, and don’t let go.


Thanks, Sean!

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