Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Budget, Layout, Color

Autumn has snuck up on us. And while you were busy this summer with landscaping, gardening, and putting the finishing touches on your outdoor living spaces, that bathroom makeover project has been waiting for you. The bathroom is a key area in your home that adds all kinds of value to the whole of your house. So, maybe it’s time to give it some attention this Autumn.

But, how do you tackle the transformation of a bathroom space, especially when you’re on a budget, and are also perhaps uncertain as to how to begin? Writer and design enthusiast Valerie Gravel is here to help spark the beginning inspiration of where a vision for a new bathroom can take you.


You’ve been dying to give your bathroom a makeover, but maybe the laziness of summer has kept you from getting the project underway. Well, now that summer is over, it might be a good time to plan your future bathroom renovation, but, you might want to consider a few important things before you embark on your redecorating journey.

Bathroom makeover budgeting

How much are you willing to spend on your redecorating project? Do you want a new bath, new cabinets, and a new sink? A full bathroom remodelling is an expensive project and having it done by professionals means that you will have strangers all over one of the most important room of your home for several weeks before things get done.  Take the time to think it through before you make a final decision. Sometimes, all a bathroom needs in a new coat of paint, wallpaper or a new backsplash to add some much needed freshness to the room.

Layout of the bathroom

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and go for a complete remodelling of the room, you have to consider the bathroom’s current layout before you can make any permanent changes. Bathrooms are a little more complicated to remodel than kitchens or bedrooms, mainly because you have to fit a lot of things in a rather small space. Also, the locations of the plumbing are predefined. You can have them moved if you wish, but if you’re looking to renovate on a budget, keep in mind that a drastic change like that will bump up the final cost of the project. It’s safer to use the pre existing layout of your bathroom in order to respect your pre determined budget.

Hiring some help

You might have what you consider to be the best ideas in the world for your future bathroom, but you might be a little confused as to how you want to put everything together. That’s when hiring a designer might come in handy. A designer will take things you might have overlooked into consideration before they even think of anything else: when will the bathroom be used more often and who will use it.

Again, hiring a designer will probably add a little extra cost to your budget, but if you’re not looking to hire one, you can always head over to your local hardware or home decor store to get a consultation from a designer for free.

Choosing the right paint

Before painting any kind of room, there are things you need to take into consideration:

  • How will the paint look with your furniture or accessories?
  • Will it match your floor or tilling?
  • How often will you find yourself in the room?
  • How will the paint look at different times of the day?

When painting a bathroom, most people tend to go with pale colors since most bathroom fixtures are either white or grey. Keep in mind before you select your colors, that one of the best types of paint to use in a bathroom is semi gloss because it is resistant to moisture and will remain beautiful even in the bathroom. When painting with a soft color, chose a nice green like mint, it will look great with white trims and accessories.

Bathroom colors: don’t be afraid of the dark

Other soft colors you might want to try are crème, beige and taupe shades that can be matched with brightly coloured accessories. Painting is all a matter of personal taste, but if you have a smaller bathroom or a powder room, you could use darker colors instead of the more traditional pastel hues. Most people are afraid that dark colors will make a room look smaller, but if the room is small to begin with, what is there to be afraid of? Great colors to consider with smaller bathrooms are chocolate, black, deep purple, navy blue, hunter green, burgundy, crimson and terracotta.

You can use light coloured accessories and towels to create a nice contrast in the room or go for darker colors to create a more subtle effect. Don’t forget the lighting in the bathroom. A bathroom should have 4 specific types of lighting, task, ambient, accent and decorative. Combining these 4 types of lighting with the perfect paint and accessories will result in the bathroom of your dreams.

It’s all up to you

In the end, no matter how you want to decorate your bathroom is up to your own personal taste. You might want to consider retiling the walls completely or decide to go with a more practical alternative like using a self adhesive backsplash or just refresh the look of the room with a new coat of paint. It’s all up to you.


Thanks, Valerie!

Valerie Gravel is a guest blogger from Smart Tiles. For ideas on how to redecorate your home with self adhesive tiles, visit the Smart Tiles website today!



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