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Bathroom Remodel 2000

Right, bathroom remodel fans!

We’ve explored the kinds of changes you can make with budgets of $500 and $1000. With both of the examples we looked at, the bathroom remodeling projects were really opportunities to make small, but effective changes to move in a direction for the room. It was a chance to decide on what that direction is, and therefore how to establish a base for when budgets for a bathroom makeover became larger.

Well, in this week’s edition of our bathroom remodel budget series, the ante has been upped to $2000. What are some of the changes we can make with this size of budget?

Take a look.


One thing that`s immediately apparent is that we`ve left the land of accessories, and ventured into another home decor territory – resurfacing and redefining. We can also see that the styles that we were setting up with color schemes and other textural additions are beginning to take shape in a more overt sort of way.

Features in a bathroom remodeling project

When you`ve got $2000 to spend, you may want to take a look at features that will enhance those little actions you conduct when you`re in there, and what kinds of features support those actions. How about replacing the shower curtain with a set of sliding doors, if that supports less fuss getting into the shower. What about investing in better lighting, or a style of lighting that allows you to adjust it depending on use, or time of day?

You might also think about the decorative side, and splash out on new accents like a new area rug. What about the addition of a crown molding? Even though we have left accessory country a bit, it doesn`t mean that the subtletites don`t count.

Bathroom surfaces, including flooring

With a two-G budget on a bathroom remodel, it`s time to start thinking about how bathroom surfaces can evolve. Luckily in the 21st century, the options for this kind of thing have greatly expanded. You don`t have to spend quite as much money as was perhaps the case even a decade ago. For instance, vinyl flooring in this era has come a long way, and is up to the task in the long-term for a bathroom floor, just because it`s designed to resist moisture, and to look great too.

Overall, the split between how a surface looks, and how it performs is a major priority at the manufacturing stage. This is  because its generally a priority for homeowners, and for installers who build reputations on remodeling projects that endure. The same thing goes for wall paneling, and really any surface texture that has to stand up to high moisture levels.

Balance between practicality and visual effect is still the goal

The balance between what looks great and what works  should always be at the forefront of your planning. In this sense, it doesn`t really matter what your bathroom remodeling budget is.

One HUGELY important thing here when you`re looking at choosing flooring and wall surfaces for bathrooms is to have a dialogue with your vendor, and your installer about how you`re going to be using the products in question. Always make sure that everyone knows that you`re doing a bathroom remodel, with that high-moisture factored in up front. This will help you choose the right products that are designed for what you`ve got in mind.

Next week, our budget gets bigger, and more changes are made. But, which ones?

You’ll have to wait until next week to find out! In the meantime, if you’ve got stories to share or your own ideas on how to manage a budget like this for a bathroom remodel, please share them in the comments section.




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