Bathroom Remodel 5000

Hello again, bathroom remodel fans! I hope you don’t mind me calling you that.

After something of a hiatus, due to a server migration, and a design facelift at the time of this writing, we’re back in the saddle with the Bathroom Remodeling Budget series. To review, if this is your first time, this series is about the remodeling possibilities when you’ve got a certain budgetary ceiling. Presented below is one possible scenario. But, it’s just an example of what you can do with each prescribed budget.

This week, we’re in the upper echelons, with a budget of five large. So, what can you do with a budget like this in an effort to create a new bathroom?

Take a look!

Still lapping up the luxury

Just as we discovered with a budget of three-thousand bucks, at this level you can afford to splash out (pardon the pun) a bit when you’ve got five to play with. New fixtures, a free-standing bathtub, and new flooring like slate tile, or travertine tile are very popular choices for this kind of thing.

Because apart from the way your new bathroom will look, it’s also got to last a while. Investing in the top of the line surfaces and fixtures goes a long way in helping to achieve that. In some ways, this isn’t really about plain luxury, or indulgence, at all. It’s about an investment in your space.

An oasis of comfort

But, it certainly can be about indulgence. And why not? As mentioned in earlier posts in this series, the bathroom serves as an oasis of calm in a busy life. So, that big soaker tub isn’t about flaunting a big budget. It’s about comfort. It’s therapy, man! So is the addition of natural surfacing like stone tile.

There’s something of a sense of permanence to be had with these kinds of additions to a bathroom. But, in some ways it’s also about creating spaces that you can feel are taking care of you, as much as you take care of them. This is all a big part in the creation of what home means to you. This goes beyond just one project, even if that project has a budget of five-thousand big ones.

What does investing in a bathroom remodel mean?

That’s another thing. Your bathroom remodel isn’t an isolated project. It’s a part of a whole.

Chances are the reason you’ve set a budget to begin with is because you’ve got other priorities when it comes to your property. Because in addition to being a home you want to feel comfortable in, you’re also thinking about the future, too.

Maybe this means a better re-sale value. That’s a pretty common goal, and for good reason too. But, another may well be that you really are looking to hang onto a property for the long term. Maybe you want to pass on your home to your kids someday, the place where they grew up. Because homes are more than just assets, right? This means the stakes are high to get the balance right in the present. And what nobler way is there to spend five-Gs?

What’s next?

Well, that’s easy. The next step in this series is the grand finale. What is the budget on the concluding chapter of this series? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out. And I really mean it this time – next week!




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