Bathroom Trends And Ideas For A New Year

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The bathroom remodel is a popular starting point to transforming the whole house. Here’s your starting point to get you thinking about bathroom remodels as the new year commences. 


The new year is well underway, and many people will decide that this is the year to remodel their bathroom. Whether you’re going for traditional or contemporary, these bathroom styles will be popular in the coming year and are sure to impress.

Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas and trends that may help you to go forward with a bathroom remodel of your own.

Metallic Finishes

If you want to quickly and easily change the look in your bathroom, replacing your hardware is the best way to do it. Switch out your old faucet for one in brushed nickel. Or, give your cabinets an updated look by changing the handles to ones that have an oil-rubbed bronze look to them.

While platinum, silver, and steel have been popular metal finishes for years, even brass and copper are becoming popular again.


Heated Floors

To add a truly deluxe element to your bathroom, consider heated floors. While they’re definitely a luxurious add-on, those who live in colder climates will truly appreciate the added expense when winter rolls around.

Plus, heated floors in the bathroom have become more affordable over the years. Today, the estimated cost to install heated floors is around $600 for every 100 square feet of bathroom.

Artisan Elements

One bathroom trend that’s gaining speed is adding artisan elements throughout the room. People are no longer interested in purchasing mass-produced items. Instead, they’re looking for artisan and handmade pieces for their bathroom.

Pick up handmade soap that’s free from the harsher chemicals that many mass-produced soaps contain. Or, support your local economy by purchasing a bath mat that’s handmade by an artist from your area.

Natural Stone

Another natural element that’s becoming more popular is incorporating stone into the bathroom. Sometimes, this look is achieved with decorative items like stacked stones on the countertop, a stone bench next to the bathtub, or an accent wall covered from floor to ceiling in natural stone.

Or, the look can be achieved with more functional pieces such as natural stone on the floor of the shower or a polished stone sink instead of a porcelain sink.

stone tile floor bathroom

Open Shelving

One feature that’s showing up in more bathrooms is the clean look of open shelving. You can use this look to show plush bath towels on large shelves on the wall or arrange your toiletries and bottles on open shelving in the vanity. If you want to use this look but don’t want everything visible, consider stacking baskets on your shelves to hold your products.

Water-Saving Fixtures

Eco-friendly fixtures continue to gain in popularity as people become more interested in saving water, reducing their water bill, and helping the environment. Plus, now that the government has introduced WaterSense labels, it’s even easier to find these fixtures.

These new bathroom fixtures not only look good, but they also help you save money. While the average family spends around $1,100 every year in water costs, upgrading to new WaterSense labeled fixtures can help them save about $350.

If you’re interested in giving your bathroom a new look this year, take a look around your room and figure out which of these updated trends will look great in there.




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