Bathroom Upgrades That Sell: 4 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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bathroom remodel ideas

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When you’re in the market to sell, the right bathroom renovations can go a long way. Try these bathroom remodel ideas to attract interest and command top dollar.


Maybe the previous owners of your home were heavy-handed with the fluorescent-green paint. Or perhaps—under duress, or in a caffeine-deprived state—you agreed to let your kids choose your bathroom décor. (It’s surprising that bubble-gum pink never caught on….) Either way, if you hope to generate real interest when you sell? Your lavatory may need some labor of love.

To pique interest with potential buyers, try one of these bathroom remodel ideas:

4 Bathroom Remodel Ideas:

1. Set the stage

When you’re trying to show off your home to prospective buyers, throwing down a welcome mat and doing a few Hail Marys won’t cut it. Details matter. To make your bathroom sparkle, roll up your sleeves and get to work: clear out drawers; jam your clutter into a hidden closet (just kidding—clean that up); replace old towels with a fancy set; and lay down a snazzy new bathmat.

Add that extra “ooh-la-la!” with a few scented candles. Just be sure to avoid any cloying scents that might irritate sensitive noses. (Check out my post on deodorizing your home naturally.) Don’t forget to scrub down everything thoroughly too. Or bribe your kids to do it. (Hey. You do what you have to.)

2. Think storage

According to Designed to Sell designer Lisa LaPorta, (hat tips to HGTV for the article), storage space sells. So if your bathroom feels a tad impractical at the moment, add a vanity with plenty of shelves and drawers, a larger cabinet, or a few floating shelves to house towels and other bathroom accouterments.

Or simply clear your belongings from drawers and cabinets, so potential buyers can envision how much space they’re working with. After all, even the most minuscule space looks loftier after a good de-clutter.

3. Tone down colors

Not all of us desire a Stepford life with muted neutrals and monogrammed towels. So you bit the bullet and painted your bathroom cherry-red. Well, that might work for you—and you’re certainly entitled to enjoy your home on your terms—but if you’re in the market to sell? Don’t expect everyone to be enamored with your décor choices.

If you plan to hit the market in the near future, be careful not to personalize your bathroom décor too much. Or, at least take the necessary steps to “depersonalize” design details where you can. When in doubt? Stick with a neutral color scheme that’s minimally styled.

Bathroom remodel ideas

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Play it safe with muted colors like beige, gray, tan, or white. (Monochromatic color schemes are really hot right now.) If you must have some color, choose soft hues with white undertones (like powder blue or light yellow).

Browse for mosaic tiles in beige, white, gray, or ivory.

4. Aim for the walls

Remember those Pepto-Bismol-pink wall tiles from the ‘80s? Well, those aren’t exactly en vogue anymore. (Quelle surprise.) Don’t let dated tile put off potential buyers. If you hope for a quick sale at top dollar, some beautiful modern wall tiles (or a mosaic) should do the trick.

“A dated bathroom can be a turn off, and may result in a lower sale price,” says Mike Stewart, an award-winning residential realtor in Vancouver—one of the world’s hottest real estate markets.

When it comes to those Pepto-Bismol-pink tiles? Mike doesn’t mind the look of them, personally. But consider him an exception to the rule. “To appease fussy buyers, homeowners should upgrade their bathroom to modernize polarizing styles from the past,” he added.

Ready to revamp your bathroom?

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What’s your take?

Could your bathroom use a little love? Which of these buyer-friendly bathroom remodel ideas would you try? Tell us about it in the comments!

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