Bathrooms In Winter: Ventilation, Heating, Comfort, Style

Bathrooms are often one of the coldest rooms of the house in the winter months due to homeowners trying to ensure adequate ventilation methods are in place to prevent black mold developing. Bathrooms needn’t be chilly to keep away the unsightly growth however, with adequate ventilation and heating devices you can ensure that your bathroom is in tip-top condition whilst also being a comfortable temperature.

Once upon a time, bathroom heating and ventilation devices were seen as unsightly or noisy or a combination of the two! Nowadays however, there are so many fantastic designs available on the market that heating solutions can actually be utilised as a focal point of the room and ventilation devices can be so discreet that no one even has to know they’re there!

Bathroom ventilation

The best ventilation is the natural kind. Simply opening a window will get the air circulating throughout your bathroom, although many people are reluctant to have their windows open in the chilly, winter months!

If natural ventilation isn’t an option then an extractor fan may be the best solution. With the shower turned on and off on a regular basis moisture can become an issue, resulting in the dreaded damp. Extractor fans (as suggested) extract moisture from the room to make it less humid, providing excellent ventilation for your bathroom. Modern extractor fans are so discreet and quiet to function that they needn’t interrupt the design of your bathroom.

If you’re really feeling modern however, why not try one of the halogen downlight extractor fans? These are integrated into whichever downlight bulb is above your/bath shower so you can’t even see them. They’re super effective as they capture the steam as it rises and they’re so smooth and quiet to operate you can still hear your music in the shower!

Keeping mold well away

Mold to bathrooms is like rust to boats – once it’s arrived it can totally ruin the room and it can be incredibly hard to shift! It’s far easier to prevent than it is to get rid of (yes it’s true!).

Regularly washing floor mats and showering down shower curtains will prevent the growth of bacteria that causes mold. Make sure you buy multiple shower curtains so you can wash them regularly to prevent mildew developing. If possible, consider switching your shower curtain to a shower screen. They’re so much more modern than curtains, create the illusion of more space due to their transparent qualities and are far easier to keep clean.

Keeping warm

Doesn’t the idea of a nice, long, bath or shower sound great, particularly on a cold winter morning? If you dread the thought of stepping out of the hot water into your cold bathroom, then installing a heated towel rail could be the perfect solution.

There are many stylish designs available, including free standing models which you can place near a wall and simply plug into the wall. If you’ve got a modern bathroom then you’re in luck as there are so many chrome heated towel rails on the market at the moment! You can choose from the classic ladder design or opt for a more creative look! They’re perfect for family bathrooms as they provide adequate heat and a towel storage solution which prevents clutter from leaving wet towels lying around. If you opt for a quirkily designed towel rail then you can even use it as the focal point of your bathroom!

Ensuite bathrooms

For master bathrooms, underfloor heating is a really indulgent option for heating your bathroom. It takes up no physical space, allowing you plenty of room for accessorizing and fitting that free standing tub that you’ve always wanted in there! It’s also far more effective than any other form of bathroom heating as it heats the whole room due to the fact that heat rises and it also provides a warm surface to step on whilst barefoot. The costs of running it are considerably higher than typical central heating radiators and towel rails though so it’s wise to consider your budget before opting for this luxury.

Heating and ventilating the bathroom is vital to keep it looking fantastic and with such modern devices available on the market it’s easy to incorporate them into your colour scheme and even enhance the appearance of the room by using them as an accessory. It’s worth spending a little money on keeping your bathroom looking good as it’s typically one of the most used rooms of the house.


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