Bedroom Cabinet Upgrades: An Infographic

Bedroom cabinets add visual and practical value to spaces. Here’s an infographic to review how to care for them with some easy tips for surface maintenance.


Your dresser. Your wardrobe. Your vanity table. These are examples of bedroom cabinetry, sure. But, they also represent something that’s vital to how happy you are in your bedroom overall; they add character and personality. They add charm and class.

Distinctive and sought-after bedroom cabinetry

But, like any important element of style in your space, your cabinetry needs attention, especially when they’re made from wood. Wood cabinets are distinctive and sought-after. But, they require care. So, based on a piece that was written by Anna Rodriguez a while back, here’s a handy-dandy infographic to give you an overview of how to take care of your cabinetry, and add to your comfort in your bedroom.

Take a look!

BuildDirect_BedroomCabinetUpgrades_v1 copy

So what do you think?

What pieces of bedroom cabinetry in your space are you particularly proud of?

What methods do you use to maintain them that we’ve not included here?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.


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