Bedroom Cabinet Upgrades You Can Make Right Away

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Bedroom cabinetry like wardrobes, dressers, vanity tables and others are a visual highlight to the room. Here are some ways to up their “wow” quotient.


The bedroom cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture in your bedroom as it contains your things that would otherwise clutter your bedroom and eventually, your state of mind. Apart from the functional importance of bedroom cabinets, they also provide accents to your sanctuary, adding to a soothing bedroom interior and making this room even more ideal for rest and relaxation.

You may need to revive a good old cabinet that you have had for years or even decades. It could also be that you just want to customize a relatively new one to your liking. In any case, here are fast and easy bedroom cabinet upgrades you can do in your home and condo right away.

Covering scratches

One common condo and home repair is rubbing a walnut on small scratches on wood furniture, following the grain of the wood. The oil from the nut meat will darken the damaged area, making the scratches less visible. If you or someone in your family has allergic reactions to nuts, go for used coffee grounds or an oil-based stain touch up marker. When using the latter, start off with a lighter shade and progress to darker as needed. Afterwards, wipe with a cloth.

wood closet wardrobe door with hangerIf you are dealing with plenty of scratches, carefully rub hard paste wax, preferably No. 0000 steel wool. For stubborn scratches, apply lacquer or sound shellac finish. On the other hand, fix deeper scratches with furniture-patching, but check with the people at the hardware first for recommendations.

Dealing with noisy cabinets

For cabinet doors that bang shut, buy and stick bumpers at the top and bottom corners of the doors. If you have extra corks lying around, you can just cut them into thin circles and use them instead. In any case, make sure the door’s surface is clean and dry for the bumper to stick. If the problem is squeaking sounds that come from the hinges, lubricating the joints will do the job.

Adding mirror for a larger space

One great bedroom cabinet design idea perfect for small spaces especially condo units is including and arranging mirrors in strategic places in your interior design. Vanessa Deleon, a designer, suggests putting mirrored furniture next to a wall to make “it look like the floor extends beyond the wall” and to give off an illusion of more expansive space. However, she adds that mirrored furniture is not advisable in a room with lots of clutter or accents.

To turn your bedroom cabinet into mirrored furniture, first, measure the surface area that you would like to cover with mirror and have the desired dimensions cut at the store. Attach the mirror to the cabinet using mirror adhesive or liquid nails and allow it to set overnight.

Enhancing the natural wood color

Whether you have a bedroom cabinet made of oak, country pine, or mahogany, enrich the old world charm of wood furniture by carefully selecting the stain or varnish to complement the wood’s unique color and grain pattern, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

To get started on applying the finish, first, make sure there are no visible scratches or dings. Next, remove the hardware and sand the furniture all over. If you are working on a painted old cabinet, sand with rough grit and if on bare wood, use fine grit. Wipe with a damp cloth and then proceed to applying the stain or varnish.

Switching to a vibrant hue

While the rich wood color will remain a classic choice, you may prefer splashing color on your bedroom cabinet with something bright. After removing the hardware and sanding the furniture, apply primer. Once it is dry, apply two to three coats of your desired color, letting each coat dry in between applications. Finish off with a coat of polyurethane to set the color.

Going for the distressed furniture look

There is a different appeal to old, beaten furniture, which is why intentionallydistressing furniture makes it a somewhat perplexing bedroom renovation that you can do in your home and condo.

Paint the bedroom cabinet following the usual steps, but stop after you have applied the color of your choice. Let it dry then sand away at surface areas that would be naturally distressed by hands or nicks over time. Once the desired level or pattern of distress is achieved on the furniture, top with polyurethane.

distressed dresser wood

Repairing loose parts

Fix loose parts of your cabinet as soon as the very first instance of it happens in order to avoid further inconveniences. For hardware like a handle or a knob falling off, simply glue it using a tiny drop of thread adhesive.

For doors that always keep on opening, you may need to adjust or replace the catches. Loosen the two screws fastening the catch and adjust or replace as needed. Meanwhile, for screws that won’t tighten because of stripped screw holes, glue as many toothpicks as you can into the hole and then break them off.

repair cabinet doors drill

Wipe the excess adhesive and you can now drive screws right into the toothpicks. After which, you can proceed with attaching the hardware and other parts.

Decorate the top of the cabinet

After repairing and revamping your bedroom cabinet, you may finish off by putting select decors on top of your furniture to complement its style. Remember, though, that less is always more so do not ever overcrowd the top of any furniture. Also, refrain from putting decors if you have a tall cabinet with less than 2 feet of space between the furniture and the ceiling.

Furniture will always occupy a sizable area in any part of your home as they define and serve the function of the room they are located in. With the bedroom serving as the place for rest and sleep, the importance of furniture such as the bedroom cabinet is two-fold: it provides a definite and concrete organization system for your things and contributes to the ambiance in the room.

You can start now

The repair instructions answer some of the most common problems with furniture in general while the design ideas are made specifically for bedroom cabinets. Nevertheless, as long as you have the tools, you can do these overhaul ideas right away in the comfort of your home or condo.


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