Bedroom Decor That Never Goes Out Of Style

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Owning a few classic pieces of bedroom furniture can help you stay fashionable for less. Here’s how to make your bedroom trend-proof.


You know what’s weird about trends? The more there are, the faster they change. Until the mid-20th century, trends existed for at least a few years.Fashion and decor styles changed very slowly, so you could get a few years’ worth of fashionability out of every purchase (or handmade piece, if you had to.)

However, these days, it’s like there’s a new trend every week. You could change your entire decor every month and never satisfy the demands of fashion! (And it’s even worse with clothing. Whatever you buy at Target or H&M has already been out of style for at least a season.)

Thankfully, smart and budget-conscious fashion lovers know how to get mileage out of their decor choices. With a strong classic and timeless base, you can use low-cost accessories to perk it up to current fashion trends.

Think of these as the “little black dresses” of home decor. You can never go wrong using these timeless pieces, because they return year after year in every magazine, blog and decor store.

What can you use in your bedroom to make it less vulnerable to the changing fashions? Let’s have a look.


Headboards add style and focus to any bedroom. Adding a headboard gives a sense of continuity and consistency to your decor, from the bed unto the wall. Tufted headboards are classic, but wood and metal headboards are also quite timeless.

The beauty of headboards is that they are generally rather neutral. You can repaint, refurbish or cover them according to your moods and fashion crushes. Every time you change the colour of your bedding, you should consider adapting your headboard. Often, a few throws will be enough!

bedroom wood floor headboard


Mirrors are an essential element to any classic bedroom. (And I’m not talking about the ceiling kind… although you’re totally free to do that if that’s your thing.) Not only to they add space through reflection, but they also add a sense of elegance and completeness.

Simple mirrors with neutral frames are the perfect choice for a classic bedroom. Avoid overly flashy or gilded frames; these can easily fall prey to changes in tastes and fashion.

Benches and trunks

Eminently practical for stashing extra pillows and bedding, benches and trunks kept at the foot of the bed are also classic decor pieces that come back season after season.

Benches and trunks are fairly standard in style: a big wood square-shaped object with maybe a little bit of decoration. But if you’re going for timeless, your best bet is always a neutral, minimal shape that you dress up or down as you wish.

Just like a headboard, you can cover it in fashionable cushions or throws or repaint it with your favourite colour of the season. It’s a versatile piece that can make a big difference between “boring classic” and “fashionable yet timeless”.

bedroom vanity table pale colors windowDressing tables

Especially popular in women’s bedrooms, dressing tables still have a place in today’s classic bedroom decor. They usually include a mirror (see above) and provide practical multi-purpose space: a desk, a storing space for jewelry and other knick-knacks, seating for guests, etc.

As with benches and trunks, the trick is to find a fairly neutral shape and dress it up as needed. You can change the upholstery of the chair, add a frame to the mirror, hang throws and scarves and pain the furniture itself according to the latest fashions.


For me, no bedroom is complete without an armchair. It’s essential. (It’s also where I throw my still-clean clothes after wearing them for a few hours, but that’s another story.)

However, armchair choices can make or break your classic decor. I suggest using a fairly neutral style that is easily re-upholstered. A certain Swedish company that shall not be named makes chairs especially for that purpose and sells new fabric covers every season.

If you’re skilled with a sewing machine, though, you can truly make it your own!

What’s in your classic bedroom?

Few of us have the kind of money that lets us change our decor every season. So it’s always good to have a few timeless pieces that we can accessorize for cheap.

How do you manage to keep your bedroom fashionable? What timeless pieces do you own? Let us know in the comments!

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