Bedroom Linen and Fall Fabrics Ideas

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bedroom linen in evening

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Tucking yourself into a warm bed is a pleasure on a chilly autumn night. But during the daytime, fall-inspired patterns and designs on sheets and blankets are an excellent way to liven up the room.

Great fall fabrics: cotton

Cotton is a standard choice for bed coverings. When choosing new bed sheets always keep the thread count in mind. A good starting point is 400. Anything from there on up is going to ensure smooth linens and a comfortable night’s sleep, even after several washings.

Before moving on to choosing fall colors, or patterns, you need to choose which kind of cotton.

The most talked about for a soft autumn night is Egyptian, but be sure to compare how it feels with Pima grown in Australia, Peru, and parts of Arizona. Muslin is a good choice if you are looking for durability, but has been known to fade more quickly than other versions.

Of course flannel is an easy choice. Its thicker blend holds you close. It can be a little too warm for autumn depending on where you happen to live. But winter is just around the corner.

In general, look at bed sheets and pillowcases made of ‘combed cotton’. This means the shorter fibers have been removed. Also, investigate organic cotton, which has been exposed to less pesticide while growing.

Great fall fabrics: bamboo

The bamboo plant is amazing its diversity, durability, and sheer functionality. In addition, it beats out cotton as the more eco-friendly, needing less intervention, and fewer resources to support it as it’s growth. Once it is converted into a fabric, bamboo sheets are soft, and they carry the additional benefits of an anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal material, too.

Great fall fabrics: modal

If you are more interested in something a little different than the norm try ‘modal’. It is made from Beech wood and has a similar feel to cotton with more of a silky, fluid touch. The closest comparison would be rayon. It makes a great choice for autumn because it is not as hot as flannel, nor as breathable as cotton. It puts you in the comfort zone.

Great fall fabrics: silk

As the sun fades earlier and earlier, your thoughts turn to extended sleeps in fresh sheets. Since you will be spending more time in bed, why not pamper your self a little bit and go for the gold, silk?

Pure silk is more versatile than many people think. It breathes well to keep you cool in summer, but works well on cold night with thicker blankets. While thread counts starting at 400 is important so is the momme weight (pronounced ‘mummy’ weight). A12-19 is a good range to have for a momme weight to ensure durability and comfort.

Autumn life in linen

We spend about one-third of our day in our beds, rejuvenating for our energetic lives the next day.  So treat yourself to the comfort you deserve. Choose your fabric with care. Take the time to look into the details like thread count and composition, before selecting a pattern that will look great and keep you comfy on those autumn nights.

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