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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Your Bedroom Renovation

If your bedroom is covered in dust and debris from your most recent home improvement project, or–worse yet–missing walls, you may need to set up a temporary bedroom somewhere else in the house. For some fun bedroom renovation hacks, check out our video (and transcript) below:



Sleep is important. So if your sleeping habits are being disturbed by your home renovation, you’re going to need to find a way to get some shut-eye. Here’s a few sleep ideas we wanna share:

1. DIY Sofa Bed

makeshift sofa-bed

If your bedroom is being renovated, you might need to sleep in another part of the house. Try pushing your sofas and chairs together to make a makeshift bed.

couple sleeping on floor

Or use pillows to create comfortable sleeping surface. You might need to dig out an old sleeping bag, if you’ve got one.

2. Two Words: Pillow. Fort.

pillow fort

If the living room doesn’t work out. You can try sleeping in another room, but you may need to build a fort. Just use your cushions to build a rudimentary shelter, and cover it with a bed sheet to protect you if the children decide to attack.

3. Set Up Camp

kids camping outside

If all else fails, you might need to camp out in the backyard. Or better yet, make the kids camp in the backyard and just steal their bedroom.

In any case, this is like any other renovation challenge: the best thing to do is get creative, and try to have some fun with it!


Oh. And you might need earplugs too.


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