Bedroom Tiles for Floor and Decor

Tile is a go-to material for entry spaces, mud rooms, kitchens and bathrooms because it’s durable and simple to maintain on a daily basis. There are more ways to use tile that most people don’t think about when taking on a home remodel or update though. Using tile in your bedroom can be an incredible way to get a tried-and-true or brand new look that’s all your own. For master suites, using tile means easily connecting your bedroom and bathroom flooring without spending a small fortune in the process, too.

Use this guide to learn more about using bedroom tiles in your home. Tile could just be the best material you’ve never considered for your private spaces.

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Floor Tiles Can Mimic Your Favorite Materials

Luxury materials like marble can look incredible in a master bedroom suite designed to be refined, elegant and sophisticated. Marble, granite and hardwood can also break the bank if you’re taking on simple flooring update, remodeling your bedroom or renovating a whole home.

Bedroom tiles can mimic your favorite materials and give you the look you want though. Here are some of the options available now:

wood-look bedroom tiles
Cabot Italian Porcelain Tile – Saddle Wood Colonial Wood / SKU: 15221432


Made to give you the look of rustic natural hardwood, you can use wood-look tiles to mimic natural planks or create a unique herringbone design.


Make your bedroom suite a masterpiece of interior design with marble-look bedroom tiles. Available in multiple size tiles, you can get the same time-tested, classic look of marble without blowing your whole budget in the process with tile.

natural stone cleaner
Cabot Granite Tile in Absolute Black / SKU: 10062216

Granite, Slate & Other Natural Stone

Marble may be the king of the mountain when it comes to bedroom designs, but other options like granite and slate can give you a special look as well. Bedroom tiles made to look like granite and slate are easy to care for and offer the same top-tier look at a greatly reduced overall cost.

Pro Tip

Not sure what type of tile you should pick for your bedroom or bathroom area? Check out our guide to learn more about the differences between ceramic and porcelain tile.

You Can Create Tons of New Looks and Patterns

Not all bedroom tiles need to mimic the look of natural materials like wood and stone. If you’re trying to create a space that’s a little more unique, printed and patterned options are an excellent choice.

Cabot Fiore Series Porcelain Tile in Ornate / SKU: 15270082

Porcelain tiles made with a pattern can work on bedroom floors, but they’re right at home in bathroom spaces as well. Go for an all-over pattern, create a patterned border or vary your tile in the bathroom to connect your design to the bedroom without it being too much of the same thing.

Not looking for a bold pattern? Textured-look tiles that have heavy veining and other accents come to materials like natural stone are also available.

Tile Can Keep Costs Down

Natural hardwood and real stone are expensive materials. Sure, they’re durable and they look great, but bedroom tiles are very durable as well. You won’t be sacrificing your overall look either since tile can mimic other materials or help you create a brand new design that’s unique to your home.

The cost of installation is also reduced when you choose bedroom tiles over hardwood or natural stone. If you’re handy or have some experience, you may even be able to handle the installation work yourself or do some of the job to cut costs even more.

Another option that allows you to keep costs down and create a stunning master bedroom suite is to combine tile with more costly materials like marble or granite. For example, a dark stone material like slate, granite or marble can be used in conjunction with elegant tile on your walls in the bathroom. Backsplashes made from tile are also much easier to install and considerably more cost-effective than natural stone.

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Tile is Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is practically a four-letter word for your average homeowner. Between work, family time and trying to get enough sleep to function, it can be hard to find the hours in the day to dust, vacuum, scrub, mop and polish. Luckily for you, bedroom tiles don’t require the kind of constant maintenance you’ll need to fit in with other flooring materials like natural hardwood.

Most tile floors will simply need to be swept on a regular basis to keep them clean. Vacuums without a low beater bar and automatic vacuums can also work very well to pick up dust, debris and dander with minimal effort on your part.

For more heavy-duty cleaning, a little soap and water and a microfiber mop can go a long way toward getting stuck-on bits and spots off your bedroom tiles. Vinegar-based mixtures can also work on some types of tile. Specialty cleaning products made for tile are available as well so you can make quick work of cleaning up without mixing your own formula.

Why spend tons of time cleaning when you get the look you want without the constant maintenance? Go spend more time with your family, take up a hobby or just enjoy a little more sleep at the end of the day instead.

Tile is Ideal for People with Allergies and Pets

natural stone cleaner
Cabot Marble Tile in Calacutta Gold / SKU: 15196155

Quick cleanup is essential if you don’t have tons of time to maintain your home. If you have allergies, respiratory issues or pets in your home though, a material that won’t trap dust and dander is especially important.

Bedroom tiles, unlike carpet, can be swept or vacuumed in a matter of minutes. That means you can quickly get dust and pet hair up and off the floors so it doesn’t impact your allergies.

For this reason, bedroom tiles are also a great choice for kid’s rooms if your child is prone to allergies or has asthma.

You’ll Get Long-Term Durability with Tile

High traffic spaces like entry areas, mud rooms, game rooms and family areas can take a beating. Bedroom spaces, particularly if you have kids and pets, can also be a gathering place for your family. Tile can stand up to kids playing with toys and pets running wild with ease.

Unlike natural hardwood, which is a very popular bedroom flooring material, your tile won’t scratch or scuff easily. In fact, you and your family are going to have to work at it to have any signs of wear on your tile at all!

Tile is a Low VOC Flooring Material

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, emit potentially problematic gasses into your home. While you might think that materials that contain VOCs are only for industrial use, the truth is that many products we put into our homes can emit them. Common examples are paint, synthetic carpet and an array of household cleaners.

 Bedroom tiles won’t emit those kinds of harmful VOCs, making them a smart choice for homes with children in particular, who may be more impacted by VOCs than adults. Combined with the fact that they’re extra-easy to clean, bedroom tiles are a great pick for master suites, kid’s rooms and guest spaces.

Pro Tip

Concerned about VOCs in your home? The good news is that flooring materials, furniture and other elements in your home like paint emit fewer VOCs over time. So, don’t worry too much about that 10-year-old flooring or the paint on the walls that was there when you moved in. Just avoid new products, fixtures and finishes with high VOCs in the future to create a healthy home for your family.

It’s Easy to Warm Up Bedroom Tiles

Many people imagine bedroom tiles as cold under their feet, making them shy away from tile even if they love the look. The same is true of natural stone. Comfort isn’t out of reach just because you’re using bedroom tiles in your home though.

Here are a few ways you can warm up your bedroom and make it feel comfortable and cozy while still enjoying the look and benefits of tile:

  • Use thick rugs to add a soft touch and visual depth to your bedroom. Clean, neutral styles as well as bold patterned rugs can both work with tile depending on your overall design scheme.
  • Layer thin, patterned rugs for a Boho-chic design that’s fun and fashionable. Using multiple thin rugs helps create movement and add an exciting touch to your bedroom.
  • Add radiant heating to your space to have warmth under your feet. Particularly beneficial in colder climates, radiant heating works exceptionally well with properly installed tile floors.

Ready to add elegant, easy to care for tile to your home? Reach out to our trained, professional customer service representatives today to learn more about choosing the right tile for your bedroom, bathroom or any other space in your home. We can walk you through every facet of updating your home with tile.

Still on the fence about what flooring material would be best for your home update? We can help you learn more about tile, natural stone, wood and an array of popular design options like Hygge flooring, herringbone patterned designs and more.


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