Benches and Bench Storage

Benches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for a number of purposes. Outdoor benches can be used for your garden or your backyard while the indoor bench often doubles as a storage compartment. Benches can also be found in the entryway of your home as well.

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Bench materials

Benches are made from a number of different materials. Whether it’s a wooden bench or a recycled plastic bench or metal bench, construction is key to ensuring the bench is durable and lasts for a long time. Plastic benches are easy to maintain while a stone bench adds the perfect accent to your garden or entryway.

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Faux and genuine leather bench selections bring warmth to any setting. An upholstered storage bench is another option and can include fully-skirted pieces and wood framed seating with exposed legs.

Style Choices

Style choices include lower backless profiles for placement under windows or at the foot of a bed. Rolled arms and pleated box skirting are decadent in profile for any room in the home. Among other upholstered bench selections includes microfiber fabrics that mimic suede for a soft and luxurious feel.

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Benches can also be personalized with engravings or by adding a memorial plaque to remember a lost loved one, commemorate an event, or feature a favorite quote or verse.


Decorating your bench is also important and bench cushions can be crafted in a number of styles or patterns to accent your decor. Not only do they add a personal touch that is uniquely you, they also offer a great way to get a new look from an existing bench without splurging on a whole bench. They are versatile and can be used with your indoor or outdoor bench.

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Storage Options

Storage is a definite consideration for a bench and is often why people use them as an option in the home. They can be the ideal solution if you are in a condo and need to conserve space. It can be at the end of your bed to hold blankets and clothing, or next to your couch to serve as a footrest or storage unit.

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You can cleverly store winter gear for snow days or extra blankets and linens for surprise overnight guests, or toys or even “stuff” that you simply cannot find a place for elsewhere.


Location is important and a bench can be practical in a number of rooms in the house. A bedroom storage bench will always be welcome for its versatile applications. For children’s spaces, a toy or shoe bench will encourage organization and less clutter. Front halls and mudrooms are prime bench territory; a place to comfortably put on shoes, and keep them stored too.

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In places such as the living room the bench can be left standing free on its own and act as a comfortable chair but should be covered in some nice material and pillows.

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Benches add personality

Because the bench is such a versatile and varied addition to a space, there’s plenty of room to express your personality with how you use a bench, or in where you place it.

And personality in a space is the spark that brings it out from pure function, connecting it to the people who live there.

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