Best Benches and Storage: Serenity, Comfort, Personality

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When it comes to life at home in the 21st century, the idea of making the most of one’s space, creating a sense of order in aid of serenity and comfort, and personalizing that space too are big agenda items. An important piece of that puzzle is mixed used spaces, and pieces of furniture within that space that also have multiple roles in supporting that agenda.

Luckily, another aspect of 21st century living is borrowing from the traditions of the past, and applying a modern strategy to it. So, in the light of that, the humblle bench has been instrumental in providing all kinds of support and on a number of fronts too.

In recognition of that, and to give you some ideas as to how to apply that faithful piece of furniture to the best use in your own space, here’s a graphic that outlines the supreme versatility of the bench, especially when it comes to storage that also works as a stylish addition.

Take a look!



So, what are the takeaways here? Well, one is that a bench is a simple addition but that it comes in many forms. Another is that the contexts of that addition are pretty varied; indoor, outdoor, and in a plethora of spaces. But, I think the biggest one is that mixed-use idea, and that a bench can be used as a way to create seating space and storage space at the same time, while also hooking into a sense of personality. That’s really what tops off all of those other benefits. And it’s a common thread when you’re planning spaces in general.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of the humble bench? Kind of dull, or bursting with potential?

What’s your favorite example of a mixed-use bench as depicted above?

How do you use a bench in your own space? Is it purely practical, or does it play a role in the look of your space as well?

Tell me all about it in the comments section.




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