Best Remodeling Blog 2015: Thanks Jackson Design & Remodeling!

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BuildDirect employees holding up flooring samples. They do have other hobbies, honest.

BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home was nominated by Jackson Design & Remodelling in their 2015 blog industry awards. We won. Here’s our thank-you.


We love talking about design, and about what life at home is like, and what it can be. We also love empowering our readers to take a look at some of these things too, and creating their own versions of the kind of home they want to live in.

It was a great privilege to be nominated among a selection of excellent blogs and publications who are working the same general part of the blogosphere pumpkin patch as we are. It is a great honor to have won among such amazing company.

A particular shout out goes to last year’s winner and a very worthy participant this year – 7th House On The Left.  So, check them out!

You like us, you really like us!

Now that we’ve got a bona fide award, we’re more excited than ever to live up to the hype. So we will continue to talk about design, decor, and about technology. We’ll continue to examine and unpack ways to kick traditions to the curb, or to embrace them, or to modify them to suit the 21st century home and those who happen to live in it. Generally, it will continue to be our privilege to talk about our passions, hear about the passions of our readers (that’s you!), and continue to try to capture what life at home means in the 21st century.

Thanks to all who voted for us. Thanks to those who were in the running and who continue to do great work, award or not. Thanks, of course, to our regular columnists who help make this blog what it is.

Here’s to a great rest of the year for everyone!



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Rob Jones

Rob served as Editor-In-Chief of BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home from 2007-2016. He is a writer, Dad, content strategist, and music fan.