Beyond the Spring Clean: 6 Weekend Projects to Welcome Spring

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Spring cleaning isn’t the only way to welcome a new season. Kick off your spring with these 6 mini projects to help say goodbye (or good riddance) to winter.


The scent of spring is finally in the air, and you’re up to your yellow rubber gloves in spring cleaning projects. You’ve disinfected appliances, dusted surfaces, and disposed of unwanted clutter, but now it’s time to have fun. Try these weekend warrior projects in preparation for warm weather.

1. Express yourself with a new project

Refinish an old piece of furniture, make your own artwork, or add some drama to your bed with a DIY headboard. Silence that inner critic and jump into a DIY project that seems a little outside your reach. To make the project a bit less scary, focus on inexpensive materials and objects that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose. You’ll start out with more confidence, which might improve your chances of success.

2. Create a container garden

The last frost might still be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a vegetable, herb, or flower garden. Plant your seeds indoors now, then transplant them after the final freeze.

You don’t have to purchase a truck full of expensive pots. Fashion a container garden from items you find around the house and in the garage, such as old paint cans, unused plastic tubs, or ratty woven baskets. Place your container near a south- or west-facing window and watch your seedlings sprout.

3. Coordinate the kitchen

If your kitchen looks a little bland or chaotic, unite those disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Paint the cabinets to match the island or cover the dishwasher with stainless steel contact paper to match the fridge. You can even arrange knickknacks of similar colors or styles on the shelves.

4. Prepare the patio

You might not want to spend more than a few minutes on the patio now, but when the mercury rises, you’ll want a pleasant, peaceful place to enjoy the warmth. Spend a weekend beautifying your patio so it’s ready for spring.

If you’re a whiz on the sewing machine, create some covers for inexpensive pillow inserts to make outdoor seating more inviting. From lighting to fire pits, there are plenty of easy DIY projects to add pizazz to your outdoor space.

5. Glaze some glasses

What goes better with warm weather than an ice cold glass of lemonade or a refreshing cocktail? In preparation for that craving, spruce up some inexpensive glassware with paint or glaze. Just make sure the material you choose is safe for contact with food, or just paint the bottom of the outside of the glass.

6. Construct some curtain tiebacks

The drapes have been closed all winter, turning your home into a cozy haven from the cold. Soon you’ll want to throw back that fabric to enjoy the fresh green of spring, though. Make your own curtain tiebacks with yarn, old belts, unwanted ties, or costume jewelry.

Getting in the mood for a new season

Preparing your home for spring’s arrival makes it much sweeter. It’s like a ritual, which can be mentally helpful as well as practically so. If you put your DIY skills to good use over a weekend, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor and the knowledge that you didn’t break the bank in the process. And you’ll also make that transition from winter to spring into something to show for as gardens bloom and weather gets balmy.


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