Bidets vs Toilet Paper: 9 Bidet Benefits

benefits of bidets
Bathrooms, toilets, and other personal care items have come a long way since the days of primitive cleaning methods, including corncobs and fruit skins. Sad to say, however, the United States still isn’t as advanced as places in Europe, the Middle East, and India, where people know the many benefits of bidets, an object designed to keep your bottom clean and fresh after a trip to the bathroom. Adding a bidet to your bathroom isn’t a huge, time-consuming improvement, but this object can impact your creature comforts, your cleanliness, and even your carbon footprint.

A Quick List of Benefits of Bidets

1. Think of All the Paper You Save


Consider the logistics of going to the bathroom and the amount of toilet paper you use. Americans go through an estimated more than 36 million rolls of toilet paper every year. That amount equals about 15 million trees. Toilet paper is a necessary waste, but you can’t deny that it is wasteful.

One of the many added benefits of bidets is that they eradicate that waste since you don’t need nearly as much toilet paper when you use a bidet. That savings alone is one reason to consider installing a bidet next to your traditional toilet.

2. Bidets Save Water, Too

Since bidets release streams of water, you might not think that these devices save any water, but that’s not the case. Compared to the water used when you have to flush bowls full of toilet paper and waste, a small spritz from a bidet seems like nothing.

Over time, the water you save will add up to a significant amount. Beyond that savings, you reduce the risk of plugging up or otherwise damaging your toilet because of problems related to too much toilet paper.

3. You Save Money

benefits of bidets

What’s the result of using less toilet paper? Over time, you save money, and the time you spend won’t take that long, either. How many packages of toilet paper do you go through in a week? Toilet paper isn’t exactly expensive, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Cutting down on the amount you buy can produce some surprising savings.

Since you save water when you have a bidet, you’ll also save money. If you have a large family, roommates, or often-invited guests, you’ll see these savings pretty quickly. Even still, you’ll notice how much you saved after your first year of using a bidet.

4. You Get Cleaner

Bidets also make you cleaner. Even though toilet paper has come a long way — now without splinters — it’s still not perfect. Two-ply and three-ply toilet paper is cushioned and soft, but wiping sensitive skin with wad after wad of paper isn’t exactly comfortable. Toilet paper can chafe and burn, and sometimes the product is simply not enough to get the job done.

Water has none of those problems. In fact, the benefits of a bidet as they pertain to cleanliness are twofold. For starters, your personal hygiene is naturally improved; water gets you cleaner than mere paper alone. Water reaches places toilet paper cannot reach and, as a result, you’ll feel fresher. In addition, since bidets clean your backside much more thoroughly, you also come out of the bathroom with fewer bacteria and less risk of passing on any infectious diseases. Essentially another added benefit of bidets you might say that bidets are better for your health as well.

5. Bidets Aren’t as Irritating

benefits of bidets

Toilet paper is certainly irritating, especially if you happen to run out of it. Besides, toilet paper is somewhat rough on the skin. If you have medical issues, such as certain bowel syndromes or hemorrhoids, you might find toilet paper irritating and painful. In contrast, the gentle stream from a bidet is soothing and therapeutic. Bidets are also ideal for women who have recently given birth, as well as people with allergies or sensitive skin.

6. Your Septic System Will Love Your Bidet

Bidets are much more beneficial for your septic system than a traditional toilet. You probably have experienced the tendency for toilet paper to clog the toilet. Clogs can cause havoc on your septic system and can easily result in a leak, erosion, or a deeper clog. Having a bidet in your bathroom may increase the life of the system’s current pipes and septic tank.

7. Bidets Are Better for Certain People

Bidets can be better for new mothers, especially after their first few weeks home with their new babies. Bidets are also a safer, more comfortable alternative for people with certain types of health issues or conditions.

For example, people who don’t have much strength in their arms or hands can benefit from using a bidet, as can recent surgery patients and people with limited mobility. Seniors can also benefit from the use of a bidet to help them get clean quickly and easily, plus the water stream is gentle on their skin.

8. Bidets Are a Surprisingly Cost-Effective Purchase

Since bidets are often seen as luxurious amenities reserved for the wealthy and upscale hotels, many people mistakenly believe that bidets are too expensive for everyday use in the home. The opposite is true. For the most part, today’s bidets are affordable: You can buy one for less than $100. Thanks to new designs and modern updates, they’re easy to install, not at all invasive, and won’t disrupt the flow or design of your current bathroom.

9. Modern Bidets Are Versatile

benefits of bidets

If you’re not thrilled about the idea of installing something new in your bathroom, never fear. The bidets of today come in all shapes and sizes. Even more than size and shape alone, you’ll find bidet attachments which fit onto your existing toilet, so you don’t have to buy a whole bidet to reap its benefits.

The next time you go to the bathroom, take a look at your toilet paper, consider your toilet itself, and think about trying something new in your bathroom. After all, the bathroom is the most important room in the house — and for good reason. Why not make this room a bit more luxurious with a bidet?



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