Bird Bath In The Backyard

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Extending your life outside is all a part of making your home your own. Even in the depths of winter, planning for an outdoor environment for yourself and your family is a great way to add value and enjoyment to life at home. Actually, this time of year is the best time to make your plan, so that when the warmer weather rolls around, you’re ready to spring (pardon the pun) into action.

One strategy that’s becoming a trend in the 21st century home is to create a habitat for local wildlife in your backyard. This isn’t exactly a new idea. But, 21st century design is about taking old ideas and repositioning them into a new context. So is the idea of being aware of our place in nature, and reconnecting with the natural world. And that brings us to the traditional bird bath – a symbol of serenity in even the humblest of backyards or balconies.

But, in addition to its practical and even symbolic function, a bird bath can be pretty stylish too. So, let’s take a look at a few examples.

Bird bath as a focal point

A popular choice has been to make the bird bath a focal point in your outdoor living space. Here’s a good example, using a pattern of stone pavers to create some visual pop  surrounding the traditional tiered bird bath, although here with some native grasses to add some wildness to the mix

Private Residence 1 traditional landscape

Rough-hewn bird bath

Beyond the tiered bird bath, some selections are more naturalistic, adhering to nature’s aesthetic sense. Here’s an example of a bird bath that isn’t too far removed from naturally occurring stone formations found in mountain streams.

Exteriorscapes contemporary landscape

Bird bath and water feature

The sound of water is as comforting as the sight of gathering birds. In this example, you get the benefits of both. And as you can see, it fits in very well within a relatively small space.

Exteriorscapes contemporary landscape

Metal container bird baths

Besides the tiered bird bath, there are other classic shapes to consider, and other materials as well. These are metal bird baths, perfect for balconies and rooftop spaces, and with something of a Grecian urn style that makes it classical as well as classy.

Eron Johnson Antiques traditional

Zen bird baths

Like many aspects of design, simplicity delivers miles of appeal, and often a level of subtlety that a flashier piece would miss. And you can see that in this design, a refined, simple bowl-shape that is more than just an accessory to an outdoor living space. It’s provides a sense of serenity, even if birds choose to to bathe somewhere else. Yet, why would they!

Tropical Paradise tropical landscape

Bird baths: at one with nature

Bird baths are not a new idea. What can be new is your choice of design, and also your intention when you add a bird bath to your outdoor space. It’s a great way to invite nature into your space. And in a small way, it helps you to be connected with the natural world, too, as you add  your personal style to a space.

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