Blackboards and Home Decor

Remember the blackboards in your elementary school classroom? I do. They were always a little dusty, and no matter how well they were cleaned, they always held the ghosts of writings past. I was always so happy when it was my turn to clean the blackboards; I loved the satisfaction of using the wide eraser to make all the words go away, then the fun of tapping out the erasers outside. The chalk dust would fly everywhere.

But the best part was when the teacher would approach the clean board with a new piece of chalk and begin writing. Those cursive letters looked bold and perfect, standing out in sharp relief. Every clean chalkboard felt like a brand-new start.

Blackboards for your home decor

Today, classrooms have forgone the blackboard in favor of dry-erase boards or smart-boards hooked up to the teacher’s sleek, shiny computer. But as blackboards have been phased out of the classroom, they have started showing up in home decor.

Long after I had moved on from school, I walked into a friend’s house and saw a blackboard on her wall. It was covered with notes about what to buy at the grocery, reminders to those in the household about their latest schedule, and even a smiley face up in the corner, probably put there on a whim. The scent of the chalk and the cursive lettering took me right back to those days when a blackboard meant good things to learn!

You can incorporate a blackboard into almost any part of your home, and you are sure to find good uses for it. Here are just a few ideas on how to add this little piece of helpful nostalgia to your rooms:

In the kitchen

There have been plenty of times when I was baking and ran out of an ingredient. I needed to put it on the shopping list, but I didn’t have paper and pen handy. If I had a blackboard hanging next to the refrigerator, I would have been set. You can take the idea even further with a custom-made door for the fridge that has a chalkboard built right in.

In the bathroom

Have you ever written sweet notes to your loved one on a fogged-up bathroom mirror? You can write those same notes — with a bit more longevity — by using a chalkboard. A small chalkboard makes an excellent way to up the class of the bathroom while giving you a convenient place to note that you must buy more toothpaste.

In the bedroom

What kid wouldn’t love to have a big blackboard to write on? With the help of special blackboard paint, you can turn an entire wall into a blackboard for your kids to express their creativity. If a whole wall is too much, simply use painter’s tape to section off the area you want to be a blackboard, paint it as directed by the paint manufacturer, then surround the area with trim to create a frame effect. Be sure to included the chalk rail!

In the mud room

All of those boots, umbrellas and coats need to be organized. How about bins that have a blackboard side, so you can write the names of those who own the items within? Or how about a series of hooks with small, inexpensive blackboards hanging above each? Remember to attach the chalk with a piece of string for a rustic look.

That old schoolhouse staple

From small decorative blackboards that announce what’s for dinner to large, full-size blackboards that unleash the creativity of you and those you love, that old schoolhouse staple can be a welcome addition to your home decor.


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