Bold Flooring for a Statement Hallway

Statement Hallway

Hallways serve as a conduit to your rooms, and they’re one of the most-overlooked spaces in the home when it comes to renovations and redesigns. Creating a statement hallway is easy, and since hallways are generally so small, it won’t set you back too many clams. Whether your statement hallway is a large entryway or a small landing at the top of the stairs, it’s fun to give it an injection of drama. Here are five bold flooring choices for your statement hallway.

Statement Hallway Inspiration

Blackest Black

statement hallway

Vesdura Vinyl Tile – 8mm Mineral Core Click Lock AC4 – Permanence Collection / SKU: 15274137

A recent design trend that’s gaining steam in 2019 is the black floor, which is, perhaps, the boldest statement of them all. A room with black floors and white walls is the apex of sophistication, and the eye-popping contrast is the perfect backdrop for minimalism, modernism, or even a rustic decor. In a large, day-lit hallway, black floors and walls paired with white trim and curtains offers a luxe, gothic vibe.

Black floors come in all materials and can be smooth and shiny or highly textured. These ebony vinyl planks feature click-lock installation, which a skilled DIYer can easily pull off. For a sleeker look, Salerno presents this black glazed porcelain tile from their elegant Base Metal Series. For a heavy dose of elegance, this Black Galaxy granite tile shimmers and sparkles in the light.

White Marble Paradise

statement hallway

Kesir Marble Tile – Polished / SKU: 10086379

Elegant and refined, white marble is light and spacious. A statement hallway with a white marble floor is luxurious and welcoming. It’s versatile, too, equally at home beneath an elaborate crystal chandelier and a mid-century modern pendant lamp. It adds a touch of glamour to your home, especially when paired with soft white walls and warm lighting.

Consider a marble tile floor interspersed with darker tiles for a larger statement hallway. For a little more drama, try these Giallo Bianco marble tiles featuring washes of orange and yellow. For a more stark look, these white marble tiles with heavy charcoal veins evoke movement and drama.

Stone Cold Gorgeous

statement hallway

Kesir Travertine Tile – Antique Pattern / SKU: 10080111

Stone is a super versatile flooring material, since it comes in endless varieties, colors, textures, and sizes. Stone is easy to maintain, but it may require periodic sealing to look its best and protect it against scratches. It makes a bold statement for the entry hallway and sets the tone for the rest of your home, whether you choose inky-black slate or a luscious, veined travertine tile. You can achieve any look imaginable with stone, from an elegant French apartment to an ultra-modern urban flat. Take the stone look outside with these gorgeous tumbled marble pavers.

Metallic Edge

statement hallway

Cabot Porcelain Tile – Ferrous Series – Cast Iron / SKU: 15270986

Sleek and ultra-modern is always in style, and if that’s the direction you’re taking in your decor, consider an edgier look for your statement hallway. Metal is just the thing, and porcelain delivers. Porcelain tiles that are made to look like metal, such as brushed steel, aged copper, or smooth graphite, have numerous benefits over actual metal tiles, which are not very durable or practical in most homes. Metallic finishes can be shiny or matte, or they can take on a patina of rust. These Cast Iron metallic tiles from Cabot’s Ferrous Series and their cousins, Saturn Coal, can transform a bland hallway into a show-stopper.

statement hallway

Tips for the Statement Hallway

A vibrant statement hallway welcomes guests and creates an impactful first impression. Spend some time searching for the perfect signature lighting to complement your bold hallway floors. Here are some other ways to make your statement hallway extra-special:

  • Hang artwork on the walls to make it feel complete, or install a large mirror to reflect all of the grandeur.
  • If your hallway has natural light exposure, consider adding plants to the mix, which give your home a fresh feel.
  • Consider wallpapering your hallway with an adventurous pattern.
  • If your hallway is large enough, create a small seating area, or add a hall table with a lamp and your favorite artifacts.

Your statement hallway can be as bold as you are, and starting with the floor gives you a solid foundation to build on.

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