BOO On A Budget: 4 Easy, Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

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ghost bedsheet halloween

Forget about cutting eye-holes in another bed sheet. There are loads of excellent DIY Halloween costume ideas that are fast, fun, and great-looking. Here are a few of our favorites and the best way to make them at home on a budget.

Statue of Liberty

The nice thing about this costume is that it’s easy to recognize, even if it’s not a professionally made version. That most iconic of American symbols just requires a little clothing dye, some sculpting foam and a paper towel roll. Grab an old, blank, adult-size t-shirt and dye it light blue or aqua to capture the noble rust look of the statue. Carefully stretch the shirt and add a little scrap fabric for a ruffled toga appearance.

Using the sculpting foam, draw and cut a crown and fasten it with a simple bobby pin, then use the leftover foam to make the flame of the paper towel roll torch. Paint the crown and torch and you’re ready for trick-or-treating.

Ninja turtle

A perennial favorite for kids, especially with new movies and cartoons in current rotation, making an awesome ninja turtle just takes a sweatshirt, a pair of aluminum roasting pans, shoelaces and a bit of paint. Paint one of the aluminum pans yellow or beige for the belly and the other green for the shell.

Attach the two pans with green shoelaces and make the all-important colored mask using some long (clean) socks with holes for the eyes. It’s fast, cheap, and light enough for a long, active Halloween evening.

Armored knight

The coolest part of this costume is how much input the little Sir or Lady has in the design. Using a gray hooded sweatshirt and gray or black pants as the base, make the shiny bits of the armor out of tin foil or silver insulation material, using as much or as little as is comfortable.

For the helmet, a cheap paper paint bucket is easy to cut and modify, plus it’s light. Kids will love designing the heraldic emblem on the chest plate, and you can make a light sword and shield using cardboard, your preferred armor material, duct tape, and paints.


For science-minded trick-or-treaters, this costume puts a little chemistry into the holiday. Just strategically cut and glue a pair of small hula-hoops, then tape them together to represent the swirling electrons, and make sure to leave plenty of room to step in the middle.

You can suspend the hoops on your trick-or-treater with ribbon and add foam balls as the electrons themselves. For a little extra scientific flare, complete the costume with a t-shirt of the atom’s entry on the periodic table using a black shirt and bright puffy paint. Who said Halloween couldn’t be educational?

Flex those DIY muscles!

This Halloween, flex those DIY muscles and instill a love of homemade projects in your kids with a from-scratch costume like these. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll never go for one of those store-bought costumes again. Happy trick-or-treating and may all the ghosts you meet be friendly!


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