Bring Autumn to Your Kitchen With These Decorating Tips

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autumn decor kitchen

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With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the fall season. Many people love this time of year, as the fall start to turn beautiful colors and the weather finally gets cooler after a hot summer. Since the look outside is changing, why not change the inside of your house to reflect that as well?Bringing autumn to your kitchen will make you enjoy it every time you walk in and bring a smile to your face. Here are some suggestions on how to bring some autumn decor into your kitchen today.

A Guide to Adding Autumn Decor to your Kitchen

Create a Seasonal Fruit Basket

autumn decor kitchen

A great way to add a nice touch to your kitchen is to add a seasonal fruit basket. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to decorate. You can get a large wheelbarrow planter and add seasonal fruit to it, along with some festive kitchen towels. If you put several twigs of berries on it, the basket serves as not only a decoration but storage for your fruit.

When assembling your basket, you can choose your fruit in several different ways. You may want all the fruit to be similar in color for a look that matches, such as green apples and pears. This may not matter and you might want a colorful basket that has a variety of fall fruit, such as pears, cranberries, apples, gooseberries, huckleberries, and pomegranates.

When picking your basket, you can use a traditional natural fiber or straw basket that has a handle or one that doesn’t have a handle. You can also think outside the box and use a flowerpot, a decorative glass bowl, a wooden crate, or a wire basket. These will all give your fruit basket a unique look while still keeping the festival fall appearance in your kitchen.

Bring Sunflowers Inside


Another way to quickly bring autumn decor to your kitchen is to display sunflowers inside. These bright flowers will instantly make the area feel sunnier and bring cheer to anyone who sees them. If you’re lucky enough to have them in your garden, you can go outside to cut a few to bring in, find them at your local florist, or visit a farmer’s market to pick up a few. There are many different ways to display sunflowers. You can put them in a traditional clear glass vase to show them off from the top of the flower to the stem.

A colored vase can also be purchased to add even more variety to your kitchen, such as one that is yellow or orange to match the colors of fall. It’s important to note that sunflowers are top heavy, so be sure to put them in a sturdy vase that won’t topple over. It also helps to get a vase that’s tall and has a cinched top, so you can easily arrange your sunflowers and keep them in place.

Use Colorful Napkin Rolls

Another easy and cost-effective way to brighten up your kitchen and make it feel festive is by using colorful napkins as decorations. You can set your table and wrap your utensils with a variety of colors. Think shades of orange, yellow, red, and brown to decorate your table. You can use either cloth napkins or felt, and wrap each bundle with twine. This is a great idea whether you use the napkins often, or you want to keep the table set until Thanksgiving and just use the decorations to spruce up your room.

Bring in Autumn Scents

autumn decor kitchen

One of the best parts about fall is all the smells that surround it. One way to do this is by making your own fall simmer pot where you boil cinnamon sticks, apples, nutmeg, and other spices to freshen up your house. You can also keep it simple and buy candles in fall scents to light around your house. Think scents such as pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and berries. If you like sweeter smells, you can purchase candles in scents such as maple pecan, caramel apple, or even candy corn.

If you don’t want to burn candles or would like a scent that lingers when you’re gone, you can buy diffusers. They also come in various scents and can be put throughout your house to make it smell pleasant on a continuous basis. You don’t have to worry about leaving it unattended like you would with a candle, and you simply flip the sticks over when it’s time to refresh the scent.

Bake Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin loaf

An easy and delicious way to make your home smell like fall is to bake pumpkin bread. This is a great idea on the weekends or on days you’re expecting guests to visit. The scent will fill up the house, and you’ll have warm pumpkin bread to serve to your guests. You can make different varieties, such as those with hints of maple or cinnamon in them. The bread also makes for a natural fall decoration.

Use Bleached Woods for a Cozy Atmosphere

For a new way to dress up your kitchen, look at getting bleached wood. You can get either light or dark wood finishes that will give a beautiful look to your kitchen. They’re inviting, cozy, and invoke a sense of natural warmth. While they’re often used for wood cabinets, bleached wood is becoming a popular choice for laminates and veneers as well.

When natural elements are used in the kitchen, it gives it a brighter and more interesting look. This is one of the more expensive options for updating your kitchen, but it’s a look that’s worth it and will be a sturdy investment for the future.

There are many different options you can choose to bring autumn decor to your kitchen this season. Even small touches such as adding sunflowers in brightly colored vases or wrapping your utensils in fall-colored napkins will make you smile every time you see them. Don’t forget to add the scent of fall as well, whether you bake pumpkin bread or burn fall-scented candles to give the whole house a cozy feel.

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